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Saturday, 17 December 2005



Ouch! Yeah, I noticed your posts were disapearing and the Rickshaw post from a couple weeks back was again the most recent. Oh well, more reason to eat out.


Hi Kirk,

I sympathize with you because like me, I know that you normally have a few posts in queue. The only difference is that yours are normally "finished". Haha!

Hopefully Typepad will be able to sort this mess out. I have decided to try something "new" and I am just trying to decide on a name for the site. I've almost finished the design, so if you have any ideas...let me know.

Barbara Fisher

You have my sympathy--after the trial and tribulation of moving my blog off of blogspot onto its own server, and then onto Wordpress instead of blogger software--I still have to go back and do the photographs by hand.

It is annoying.

But yeah--I totally undertand.

Good luck with recovering your data.


I hope everything works out - there's nothing more frustrating as lost data! Reading your posts is definitely one of the hightlights of my day.


Oh no! Hopefully you get your posts back--that's valuable stuff, man!


Hi Everyone - Thanks for the good wishes. Looks like it's gone; but that's ok, maybe I'll do them better this time around!

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