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Saturday, 10 December 2005



Hi kirk !!!

Been missing your yummy site ! For the exmas I stayed at a dorm on the university campus where the exams were held. It was awful !! They had to put up signs so we knew what the "mystery meat" we were eating was and there was lots of fried food too.
Looks like you've been having a great culinary voyage through life (as usual).
My mum used to have a pressure cookre and its great for casserole type dishes and "emperor's chicken" a chinese dish of chicken stuffed with chestnuts and herbs and traditionally steamed until the meat is falling off the bone but the pressure cooker makes it realy fast and tasty. (about 40 mins i think)

Anyway glad to be back drooling at your pics again. oh yeah ...


Hi Kirk,

Triple decker chicken katsu? What has that been all my life? LOL!

Don't be too worried about the pressure cooker. I like to use it when making peanut soup. The peanuts get cooked super fast.

Passionate Eater

Once you start using a pressure cooker, you'll never know how you lived without one. It's great for speeding up the cooking time for niu row mein, beef oxtails, and pho stock. Also, it is also great for cooking beans (like kidney and anazazi beans).

However, I understand your "fear of pressure cookers." Have you ever seen the movie Radio Flyer with Elijah Wood? They have a pretty scary "exploding pressure cooker" scene in the film.

Take care Kirk,
Passionate Eater

clare eats

I want a pressure cooker, but I have always been to scared to attempt using one. Cant wait to hear you you go..... :)


Hi Rachel - Welcome back, you've been missed. Mystery meat, yuck.....

Hi Reid - Maybe I'll be saying; pressure cooker, where have you been all my life soon!

Hi PE - Someone told me that the pressure cooker was like the microwave of the 50's and 60's. I remember that scene in radio flyer....right now I wish I didn't!

Hi Clare - We'll soon see if I make it through this. :o) But if I made it through vegemite, I can make it through almost anything, right?


hey kirk nice post. that chicken katsu with mushroom looks awesome. i want that right now. i think i'll make it this week. yum.


hey kirk nice post. that chicken katsu with mushroom looks awesome. i want that right now. i think i'll make it this week. yum.



I can totally relate to the fear of pressure cookers. I have avoided using them because I am terrified that it will explode and cause bodily harm. Maybe if I am stronger and feeling brave I will be pressurizing some food. For now I will bow out.


Da Kitchen is calling my name. I need to get down to SD


Hi Dylan - Plan for a post meal nap.

Hi Mills - The thought of an exploding cooker, will always be in the back of my mind....

Hi MEalcentric - Well if your ever down this way - it might be worth a stop, and a nap!


Thanks for the review of weekend soups at the pupusaria, I had no idea they even had such options!


"Dum-te-de-dum-de-dum-dum..Under Pressure...."

Sing it as a tribute to your shiny new pressure cooker the next time you karaoke!


Hi noromdiam - There are many choices at El Salvador - we escpecially love the tamales!

Hi Pam - Just hope this "dum-dum" doesn't get his head blown off!


I felt like every household should own a pressure cooker, so I bought one. Tried it once, but don't think I got the pressure up high enough, as I stayed out of the kitchen and poked my head in every so often, thinking explosion. Ever since then, it's been sitting on the shelf for years. I stuck with my crock pot. Thinking that speeding up the cooking process with a pressure cooker might not produce that rich flavor of slow cooking. How's that for an excuse. If you every try it, let us know. Then, maybe, you'll provide me with enough courage to try it again.


Hi Lance - Building a foxhole in order to use your pressure cooker is not very price effective, even if it does save time. LOL! I think I'll try chicken broth first, and see how that turns out....hmmm, I don't have a crockpot either.


Hey with that pressure cooker you can make boneless bangus!

One of my favorite dishes from Indonesia is called Bandeng Presto. Bandeng = milkfish = bangus...Presto = the brand name of the pressure cooker that first penetrated the market in Indonesia.

The milkfish is cooked with spices in the pressure cooker until the all the tiny bones become so brittle it's edible.

Then the whole thing is cooled, taken out and deep fried crunchy and brown!

Eaten with fresh hot rice and chili sambal...OMIGOD!


Hi Elmo - The only Bangus Daing I know is Filipino, and it;s marinated - so do you have a recipe???


My mom has her recipe...I've got to ask her how she does it.

In the meantime, I saw this recipe online (in Indonesian)

Here's my attempt to translate it:

- 1 kg fresh milkfish (gutted and cleaned)
- 6 cloves of garlic
- 3 centimeters of turmeric
- 4 tbs? of salt
- 1 liter of water
- Banana leaves


- Make a paste out of the garlic, turmeric, and salt. Mix it into the water.

- (Don't quite understand what is done with the banana leaf)...I think it is wrapped around the fish.

- Put the fish in the pot, covered in the seasoned water.

- Wait until the pressure cooker starts whistling, and cook for 20 minutes from that point. Extract and cool, then deep fry.


- It's best if you take out all the dirt from the fish's mouth.

- (Can't understand this tip...something about how 2 recipes can differ from 3 recipes)

- (something about not throwing away the sisik)...don't know what sisik is.

...okay I just realized how really bad I am at reading Indonesian. And I don't know if this translation is all that helpful. Anyway. It was fun trying to translate.


Hi Elmo - LOL! A mystery recipe. Reminds of a recipe that I received in Chinese - the Missus started translating - it started:
First catch the chicken, then kill the chicken......


A crock pot can be a wonderful thing. Especially the days when you come home from a long day at work too tired to get up enough energy to cook something or just want to go home straight from work without stopping anywhere to eat, like your "late night noodling". When you reach home and open up the door, you can just smell that one pot meal simmering in your crock pot just sitting there ready and waiting. Such comfort and warmth of a homestyle meal. At first I used to worry about the idea of something's cooking at home when no one's there and a chance for a fire, but now I look forward to going home to see how everything turned out. Imagine coming home to a nice warm stew or a roast. I've even made laulaus in the crock pot. But I must say that the steaming isn't as even as a regular steamer, so far the top laulaus aren't as moist as the bottom ones. Still learning.

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