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Sunday, 04 December 2005


clare eats

i like that, soup burrito :)


Hi Kirk,

Interesting to find french fries in a burrito. Glad to see that the prices are much lower than ours though....*sigh*


Hi Clare - It really made a mess on my desk.

Hi Reid - And here I was grumbling because they raised their prices 50 cents.


Really? French fries? Here I am living in San Diego and I didn't even know what a California burrito was.

Too bad you didn't get a picture of the soup burrito--I would have liked to have seen that!


Mmm...Santana's is my favorite burrito chain. They also have a location in PB (at the Grand/Garnet split). For sharing, we always get an order of carne asada fries and two tortillas. Roll & eat as you go.


Hi Angie - Never had or heard of a California Burrito? Oh My... There's also another spin on this, replace the carne asada with pollo asado and it's called a Texas Burrito; how's that?

Hi Mabel - I usually will stop by the Morena location when I have my car serviced - usually on a Sat morning, and walk over and have a Machaca Burrito - it's delici-yoso! Seems like that location is better then the Hillcrest one.


I tend to favor the Morena location as well although you get some interesting characters there late at night.


Hey Jack - You mean early in the morning, don't you??? :o)


Oh man...I've heard of the famed San Diego burrito...with the fries...first time I've actually seen one...looks awesome...


Hi Elmo - when it's made right a "Cali" is really good stuff.


I ordered a Carne Asada burrito with cheese only, and recieved a California burrito plus cheese.

The staff after midnight really like to screw with the customers, and screw with their orders.

I goto Santana's a couple times a week, same location, but after midnight, crappy workers with no care for the people.

robert lariviere

This is the worst place to get mexican food in the history of mankind. I have tried to give them a chance more times than I can count. I order food and EVERY single thing I order is wrong. Its like they take 19 dollars from you and make a bag of random stuff. I can't take it anymore... I don't even complain about stuff but this is ridiculous. I would rather chew off my own thumb than order from santana's again.

Jamie Thompson

Santan's california burrito's are the BEST...we moved and still crave them, they really are the best, go hungry they are full of stuff, and full of flavor. People rave about them, this person doesn't know what they are talking about

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