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Thursday, 08 December 2005



Hi Kirk,

Funny...those noodles do look like spaghetti. I still haven't had my niu rou mein yet, but I'm planning on having some this weekend. Wish me luck.

Passionate Eater

I can't keep up with you Kirk! I want to comment on all of the new posts that I like, but they keep coming!

As for the "best Rickshaw dish," from the pictures, you're right--it's the chow ma soup noodles. I wonder how hard it would be to make that soup dish. Maybe we could try it. It probably shouldn't be hard since you are a rock star when it comes to making niu row mein. (That's how I found your website: Dylan referred me to your niu row mein post. . . THANK YOU DYLAN!!)


We had a joint like this in Hayward. Dee & I went there for the siu mai. They were excellent to the point that they were always fresh and you frequently had to wait for them because they had to fry up more. EVERYbody had to order some. The rest of the stuff was mediocre but palatible and the price was right.


Hi Reid - I'm sure a full report will be in order! And yes those noodles really did remind me of spaghetti.

Hi PE - Rock Star???? Maybe Wok-Star? LOL! Thanks for the compliments, but I'm pretty sure that people who know me are having a pretty goods laugh! BTW, have you tried the NRM recipe? I don't think the Chow Ma Mein is too difficult....but would like to sample a few "other" versions before I try.

Hi Jo - Thus the "One-Trick Pony" monnicker!


Mmm, haven't had Chow Ma Mein in a long fave is from this place called 168 up north in El Cerrito, tho' I hear there's a branch in Rowland Heights too. Their version is "gon chow"--cooked more on the dry side but has just a teeny bit of soup to make it hearty.


Hi Pam - We have a 168 here in San Diego - it's a Taiwanese Place. I'll double check the menu next time we eat there.


I LOVE Chow Ma Mein...although I had no idea that was what it's called.

My favorite Chow Ma Mein is from this joint in Rowland Heights in the 99 Ranch Plaza. It's the noodle shop with the picture of the owner being hugged by Ahnuld.

They've gone downhill, I heard, but all through high school and college, this is the place my family and I would go to for those squiggly noodles and that spicy red soup.


Hi Elmo - Wow, you mean we lived among a plethora of Chow Ma Mein for 4-5 years, and never even knew it??? Geez....


Thanks to you, I've had the Chow Ma soup here a number of times. It's pretty good, but you're right the noodles suck (ha!). One time I brought this home for take out and instead of using their noodles, I used some noodles I had in the freezer. It was much better.


First time commenting here.Impressed with your blog,Kirk..:)and the food..yummy.Very fond of Japanese and Chinese cuisine.



I have noticed that some Korean restuarants when they offer some Chinese dishes this is one of the few they they offer. It is quite interesting, because I rather eat Jjang Pong (spicy seafood soup) than Chow Ma mein maybe because I have always been dissapointed. Maybe I need to hunt down some really good Chow Ma Mein.


Hi Jack - Actually, that's a pretty good idea.

Hi sailaja - Thanks for taking time out to comment; I appreciate it. I'm sure I'll be checking out you blog:

To learn more about Indian Food!

Hi Mills - I would like to know how a "really good" Chow Ma Mein tastes.....



You and me both, I have never found good Chow Ma Mien. :(


Hi Mills - Bummer.....


Kirk, what happened to the more recent posts!?


Hi Elmo - Typepad problems. The newer posts are back but photos will be retored later.


i really like the shrimp fried rice. It's just delicious i definately recommend it! =]


Hi Rose - Thanks for the recommendation, I'll try it out next time I'm there.

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