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Wednesday, 21 December 2005




I'm quite envious that you have so many Mexican, as well as Salvadorean, restaurants to eat at. Whether they are considered dives, holes-in-the-wall, etc, the fact that you have such a selection is well....*sigh*

That said, the food here looks good AND the prices are about 1/2 of what I would pay here!

Can't wait to visit LA in a couple of months. Hopefully I will be able to drive down to meet you in SD.


I was just showing the post to my hubby who is a fan of mexican food but over here its either a bit pricey at a single chain of restaurants called Montezumas or its taco hell ... oh wait .. there isn't taco hell in Aus anymore. It was overpriced, tasteless and miniscule bleah. Needless to say it was an american chain that gave America a bad name and soon folded up here in the great southern land.
When we went through AZ we ate at a taco hell there and it was 500% better than the one in Aus. I had a "bowl" which seems to be popular there in summer. Luckily we also got some authentic mexican from friends in New Mexico. We tried huevos rancheros which are like tortillas fried crispy with eggs and a suasage chilli sauce MMMmmMMM !
But anyway I just wanted to agree with Reid how lucky you are ... You keep them hot posts rolling Kirk! It really lets me know how real mexican should be like *sigh*


This place looks quite good! I'm actually on a diet right now :( So I might have to wait a few weeks for a reward day before I try it out.

The Texas burrito looks pretty tasty! It's like Cali burrito with chicken. The Texas burritos that I order at other taquerias are slightly different. They have that stewed chicken in red sauce, potatoes, cheese, and sour cream. I think it's probably even worse for you than the one you had :) Yet another dish for a reward day...


Hi Reid - I hope you'll be able to make it here!

Hi Rachel - The chain you're describing is owned by Pepsi-Co here, and they own Pizza H*t. So they combo restaurants - we call them Pizza F*rt, Taco smell! LOL!

Hi Howie - Try the Mojarra here. I think you might enjoy it!


Where on El Cajon Blvd is that? I'm always curious about different places on that street b/c there are so many random little places mixed in w/ the overabundance of fast food places- it's a bit overwhelming! I'll have to remember this one for the next time I'm in the area and craving Mexican food.

clare eats

Mmm Mexican ;
how about this, are you ready Kirk?
2 buritos with rice and salad... oh $20. Fajitas can be even more exe.. so like $26.

So are you shocked now?


Hi Joan - It's on the corner of El Cajon and Kansas St. There are alot of places to in that area, DaoSon, I think Harar is around three as well.

Hi Clare - Is this a "sit-down" restaurant? If it's $20 AU, then it's about $15 US, is that about right? I'm thinking if it's a taco shop that's pretty expensive, but if it's a sit-down type restaurant then it's not too bad.


Hi Kirk!

I've yet to try a burrito with fries or potatoes wrapped in - that's one thing you can't get in Hawaii. You must come back and educate us on "authentic" Mexican food!


Interesting that Mexican is hard to come buy in OzLand. The spicing isn't a whole lot different from Asian cuisine. Chicken bullion, cumin, oregano, garlic, onion, and a variety of chilies (fresh, dried, smoked). Cooking methods include grilling, stewing, boiling, and frying. My neighbors, who are from the middle of the country, do a lot of grilling. They sent over some mole last weekend. The chicken was grilled then simmered in the sauce a bit. The sauce itself was an outstanding blend of dried chilies, ground chocolate, and I'm not certain what all else. I should talk to her to nail down the cooking method. Absolutely delicioso!

Passionate Eater

I glad that this post ultimately "came to be!"
Sounds like Ray is a nice guy.

Congrats on your nominations for "Best Food Blog - Restaurant Reviews in San Diego," I'm pretty sure you'll win by a landslide.


Hi Kathy - Don't know how authentic french fries in a burrito is. LOL! But it's pretty good eats.

Hi Jo - Don't know of much Mexican in China either.....

Hi PE - I don't think I'll make the "cut", but thank you so much anyway!!! It's very humbling....



Yay, your post survived!

I think it's funny how you always refer to food that you like as "artery hardening" or "heart attack" inducing. You need to create a new category for those!


Hi Angie - That would be the whole blog! LOL! Maybe I need to think up some new descriptions...cardiac causing, vessel bursting, or something like that?


HI Kirk!
Just a quick passby to wish you Happy Holidays! :-)

Your blog's nominated? Congrats and I hope you win!!



::laughing:: Silly! Asians use a lot more fermentation, pickling, and wines in their cuisine. Saucing is very different as well. Actually, I guess it would be more of the middle eastern and mediterreanian (sp?) spices that are similar... Well, regardless, it's all pretty Yummy-Yoso right? By the by, potatoes in burritos are very authentic. Potatoes have been staples in South American cuisines for millinia. Beef & potato burritos are outstanding. Using frozen french fries might be a "convienience" substitution for fresh potatoes which would be fried or boiled perhaps.


Hi Thess - Happy Holidays! I don't know about nominations and such, but thanks for the wishes.

Hi Jo - I guess I got confused at "spicing isn't a whole lot different from Asian cuisine" statement. Don't know about the potatoes, but french fries in something called a "California" or "Texas" burrito, I don't think is authentic Mexican. Authentic Cali-Mex perhaps?


::scrunchess nose and waggles hand:: weelllll... Lets just call it "grey" territory. Potatoes are native to South America and moved out from there. Peruvian cuisine uses dried potatoes that you purchase in a bag and look like multicolored rocks. I'm sure that deep fried strips of potato in burritos (regardless of the name) is a modern thing, but potatoes themselves are ancient. Ya know, I sure would like to hear what Ray has to say on the subject. Or any other person of Hispanic descendency for that matter.


kirk, happy holidays and season's eatings.


Hi Jo - Happy holidays!

Hi Dylan - Happy Holidays to you as well!


Hmm have to make a note about your conversion calculations Kirk. The average salary here is AUD $35-40 k BUT we pay a pretty high tax at about 30% at that level (It increases to 49% for wages above 85K) so at that rate, the take home salary of the average Australian is about 2 and a bit thousand a month. Yet we pay $20 for our burritos (I think Clare is talking about a sit down place) Hence looking at the buying power geographically, food here unfortunately is alot more expensive. I am not sure what the average salary of an american is but even if its the same at 2+ K a month and they are paying $15 they are still better off.

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