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Wednesday, 07 December 2005


clare eats

Anyone would think you were happy that you didn't have to cook the salmon inside Kirk :P



I found PlayBoy for FREE.
Absolutely FREE PlayBoy.

If I find something else I'll inform you.

Best Regards, Yuriy


Nobody reads PlayBoy anymore....dumbass.


Oooh, I love persimmons (fuyu, that is, I can't abide the snotty texture of the hachiyas). I think I am turning orange myself from eating so many of them.


Hi Clare - LOL! I was wondering were all the black spots on the kitchen ceiling was coming from!

Hi Yuriy - No thanks I eat enough of my own Spam in the morning!

Hi RONW - Yep, you're right - we got the Internet, who needs Playboy! I'm not going to delete the Spam, cause I love your comment!

Hi Angie - Actually the Missus loves(or used to love) Hachiya's - but we would have to find one's that were so soft, and treat them so carefully as to not break the skin. This year it's Fuyus for her!


Yup, nobody reads PlayBoy anymore, they just look at the pictures! =o)
KIRK! Seeing as how I'm suddenly an expert in just this matter (the lingering odors in the kitchen) you should check the vents to be sure they clean and air is flowing properly. You may need to replace your filters. If you got questions, email them and I'll pass them to Mike.



How interesting I am in the process of writing about my persimmon obsession this year. I love both kinds for different reasons. When I was sick with bronchitis my Mother wanted to know what I wanted to eat, and the sweet woman that she is box me a whole box of Fuyus and Hachiyas. I am still waiting for the Hachiyas to ripen, as I have only tasted on so far, but the Fuyus....Yum


Ok let me amend that I have posted on the persimmons...:)


Hi Jo - PlayBoy has pictures? Wow, I only read the articles.....hehehe. The "smell" is a combination of an ancient kitchen (circa 1960's) and the actual ultra-hot "sear". Wish I was getting a kitchen like Barbara:

Hi Mills - This seems to be a "bumper year" for persimmons. I've been seeing them everywhere - and prices good to. As low as 49 cents a pound.


eww! fishy residue cooking odor! that's the kind of stuff that seeps into your clothes and because you live there you got used to the smell and can't smell it anymore after a few days but when other people smell you...yuck!

good thing you have that big kahuna cooker!


Hi Pam - You got that so right! eww!!!!


Hi Kirk,

OMG. The flame on that thing, it looks out of control. I haven't eaten salmon in a while (at home that is), and guess why...exactly for the reasons you mentioned.

This salmon looks delicious. I'm sure the missus enjoyed ever bite.


Hi Reid - Actually, I've done the alcohol thing many times, even indoors, but without such dramatic results. The high heat sure does make it quite a spectacle. The Missus did enjoy it. We did a taste comaprison with my simple rub against a well known brand (hint, Paul-something), and she liked the made from scratch better. And no lingering smell!


I've never thought to use togarashi in a cajun style rub, but I'll bet it blended perfectly. I'm jealous of your Big Kahuna (no innuendo intended or implied).


Hi Alan - Togarashi works real good inmost rubs. And my Kahuna thanks you....

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