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Wednesday, 14 December 2005



Hi Kirk,

Chicken adobo sounds great right now. I haven't had Filipino food in a while and I guess it's because many of the places are in suspect areas. I really should make adobo at home, then use up the gravy to make adobo fried rice. =)


Adobo with no black peppercorns?! What gives! That's the part I like too.


Hi Reid - mmmmm Adobo-Rice, delici-yoso!!!

Hi Elmo - You know they probably had black peppercorns in there, but I couldn't even taste the faintest hint of it.


Kirk...there must be filipino food cravings in the air. I;ve had filipino food three times this week, once at this place. Have you tried the pancit? Not great to look at but not bad tasting. Totally agree with you on the large pieces of meat in the adobo.They look good but no flavor! Definitely not slow cooked long enough. With all my complaints, I'm still happy that there is filipino food in Point Loma!


Wow, I didn't even know there was a Filipino place in Pt. Loma! I've been in that food court a few times, can't say that any of those options are very impressive, but I'll have to stop by and try this place sometime. Probably can't compare to my dad's adobo, but it sounds like it's worth a shot!

Passionate Eater

I wanted to leave a comment on your Indian Restaurant review communicating the same thing: "Even when your restaurant experience was just mediocre, I still get hungry!" Thanks for providing such a great restaurant reviews for those in San Diego and those visiting San Diego (like me. . . in the near future).

Are you going to move to SF soon? Please? (Jk.) :D


Hey Jack - Haven't tried the pancit here. I have to be in a certain mood to want pancit and rice. :o)

Hi Joan - It is a good thing to be able to grab some Filipino Food outside of the South Bay and Mira Mesa. I've found another Filipino Place in a pretty interesting place that I'll be trying soon.

Hi PE - Thanks so much! I appreciate your comments and support.


Hi Kirk,
Just wanted to say thanks again for reviewing this restaurant in your blog- my hubby picked up some food from there tonight and we really enjoyed it!


Hi Joan - Thank you for letting me know how both of you liked Manila BBQ. It does provide another eating option in the Point Loma area. Thanks again for the feedback, I really do appreciate the time you take to let me know!


I have to say, being filipino, this is one of the few places that I really like and comes close to mom's cooking. Admittedly, I've had the adobo and it's awesome. My mom, born and raised in the PI, even says that they have the best adobo. Whenever we've gone there, she always gets the chicken adobo and I get the pancit with beef steak. YUMMO! But I was sadden when I went there last week to find out that they're closed as in boarded up and looking for renters. WAH! Does anyone know if they've relocated? Or was it the economy? I was wondering how they'd do because of their location...I can see them attracting the few filipinos living in Pt Loma, PB or OB but it's such a hard location that if you dont know of it, you'd miss it. So I'm wondering if they just couldnt make ends meet. I guess if they're still in business I'll have to wait for them at next year's PIFA (they've been there 2 years in a row). That is unless they just relocated somewhere...anyone know?

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