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Tuesday, 20 December 2005


Barbara Fisher

That is the variety of bitter melon that one of the farmers here in Athens grows. They are really, really good--I like the crisp texture of them. They are also quite bitter--but Zak and Morganna and I like them better than the larger less sharp-bumped ones that we get more commonly in Chinese markets.


I love indian grocery stores! Well I love grocery stores period! LOL I have to say that it a really large Indian grocery store! I have not seen one so large before.

Passionate Eater

Yay! Typepad is working again!! I am excited to see so many wonderful new posts!

Those are beautiful and vivid pictures of the fresh Indian produce. I hope to see pictures of the cooked version soon Kirk!

Do you and the Missus cook Indian food often?


Wow that place was huge! And the sweets looked interesting too. Hmm I know exactly what you mean by dazed circling... after a while, you can't even remember what you walked in to buy!

clare eats

that sure is a arket and a half! good job on finding it.
The indian meals are good for bushwalking


Hi Barbara - Thanks for the info. I'm wondering if the old "salt rub" would reduce the bitterness?

Hi Mills - Yes, you do love grocery stores - actually I enjoy them too, so long they are not too crowded.

Hi PE - I've never tried cooking Indian food, though I think I'll give something (easy) a shot soon.

Hi Rachel - When a place is very large, you can get a kinda glazed look, and start walking in circles....

Hi Clare - It really wasn't hard to did say Megastore!


Wow! Those eggplants look more than just tempting! Absolutely delish! =) Ooo...that place is like Costco or Sam's - Indian style! I cooked Chicken Tikka and Chiken Tikka Masala once - it was so yummy!!! Here's my post on it:

If you'd like a clearer version of the recipe, just let me know and I can email it to you. =D


Wow! That looks like an Indian Costco!


Ooo, another international grocery store to try out! Thanks, Kirk. Since I'm new to San Diego I love hearing about new places to try (restaurants, stores, etc.)


Hi Kristy - Thanks, I remember that post! I think i'll start with something simple - ice cubes, maybe??? :o)

Hi Pam - Come to think of it, you're right!

Hi Kady - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Actually there are tons of ethnic markets in San Diego. It's fun exploring.

Barbara Fisher

You could do the salt-rub trick, or you could do like the folks at the really good Cantonese restaurant in Columbus do, and blanch the melon briefly in boiling water and refresh it in cold.

I like the texture better unblanched, though, so I bet the salt is a better course of action.

Me--I like them pretty bitter. Something about the combination of the very bitter melon with plenty of sweet onions and fermented black beans just really is good.


Hi Barbara - Actually I like Bittermelon, and my Father In Law enjoys it as well, with Black Bean & Dried Shrimp. But the Missus has some "issues" with the bitterness.....


Hi Kirk,

That Indian market (warehouse) is huge! The few Indian markets we have here are tiny compared to this....


Hi Reid - Can you believe that there are 3 Indian Grocers on this block?


Hi Kirk!

Indian food is one my favorite ethnic cuisines after living in NYC for a year. I could get lost forever (this would be a good thing of course!) in that market. All the sweets and produce look delicious :)


Hi Kathy - I can only imagine! :o)


They say the buffet is 6.99 but during weekend, you will be shocked to get billed for 8.99$. You can't easily find the price anywhere, a small notice showing the weekend price is posted just over the billing machine. So you wont see the price until you stand in front of the counter to pay for the food. You are getting cheated here.

The food quality is not consistent. Last week, we went for dinner. They are not even keeping the plates ready, they are hiding it somewhere. This is so silly, they just gave one plate per person and expected us to use the same plate if you have to take more food. This is aweful.

The foods are not at all hot...The sweets are all expired ones...the sweets are all left overs from the grocery stores...

The only good thing about the restaurant is the Turban guy who brings naan, paratha, chapathi quickly and periodically with a smiling face.

On our visit, we shouted and complained about the food...DONT EVER GO!


Yeah, the weekend buffet is expensive and not good at all. Also the Mexican Cashiers (both old ladies) are bad, KER should hire some new Indian cashiers and get rid of the Mexican Cashiers cause their Customer Service sucks. I don't go there that much just because of them.


Hi Kiran - You know, I've had great service from people of all races, colors, and nationalities...the reverse is true of bad service as well. I'm sure you've never shopped at Hong Kong Market in Rowland Heights! ;o)


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