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Tuesday, 13 December 2005


clare eats

Yeah it looks ok,
I know what you mean about the Naan. They should be "puffier" too.


Hi Kirk,

I like Indian food and it's a shame that there aren't any really good places here. I had excellent Indian food in Singapore and miss the Indian restaurants in NYC. There was one restaurant that I used to visit that had a snake charmer in the window.

That said, the food here looks tasty and for $8.95 during the week and $11.95 during the weekends, the price is right.


Hi Clare - And yes, a little more "puffy"! That's right.....

Hi Reid - The food here was pretty good, at least to refresh our taste-memory, the service was excellent also. The prices are not bad as well.



Yeah, that is a loooong way to the dining room.

I noticed that when you said you picked up a few orders for your Missus when you "returned from San Diego"...did you take it on the plane w/ you to Hawaii? Did it smell up the plane at all? (Like Ham Ha with Ong Choy or Bahn Mi sandwiches...LOL!)


Hi Pam - No it was just to LA, we lived in LA for several years before moving to San Diego. Though we have done chicken karaage, musubi's, and costco chicken on flights - though it's been kind of a deparved fantasy to take Ong Choi with Ham Ha....


Oh I love Indian food, and we have some really good ones up here. My Dh loves to chow down so much so I am thinking I will have to look into an indian cookbook. :) I am glad you enjoyed the meal. We also do a buffet here too, mainly because DH is so greedy he wants to taste many things. LOL He likes it because he can have curry and vindaloo, and tandoori chicken and you get the idea, all in one sitting instead of ording a Thali dinner. He doesn't like the indian sweets much except for the carrot bharfi and the indian rice pudding.


Thanks for the post on indian food Kirk, and I hope you get to try many different things in the cuisine. I am still trying new things myself.


Thanks for the post, Kirk. I've been really intrigued by Indian food lately. I'm trying to work up the nerve to try cooking some at home. But I don't know that much about it and I'm intimidated.

Anyway, we went to Monsoon (upscale place) in the Gaslamp last weekend and it was great. My husband LOVES LOVES LOVES Ashoka the Great's lunch buffet on Black Mtn. Road. That's about as far as my experience with Indian food goes. I think the consensus is that SD doesn't have good Indian food, right?



People always say that SD doesn't have any good Indian food, but honestly I've been pretty happy with a few places. It could be that it's because I've never had *real* Indian food.

I like Bombay (not Bombay Express) in Hillcrest. I tried Monsoon, and it could be that it was because it was new, but the service was slow, and the meat in the curries we had were a bit tough. Strange since Bombay and Monsoon are the same owners.

I also like KC's Tandoori in Mission Valley. And Sitar in the Scranton food court in Sorrento Valley.


Hi Mills - I think Indian Buffets are pretty good as a whole; you get alot of different tastes.

Hi Beth - I'm a bit intimidated by the unfamiliar herbs and other ingredients, but I think I'll try a chickpea recipe that I've got my eye on.

Hi Howie - I've been told that there is pretty good Indian Food in San Diego. KC Tandoor's ownership has changed, but the food looks the same. That's the place the Missus used to love the take-out from. I know that Bombay Express is long gone, isn't it?


Give Punjabi Tandoor a try - near Little India area on Activity Road (they have a website too). It's the best Indian food in San Diego!


Went to India Princess over the weekend. The food was tasty, and the staff really helpful. Our waiter actually went across the street to put the validation ticket in the kiosk for me, rather than just handing me the ticket for me to walk over.

The looong walk to the dining room is all dining area now with booths lined along both walls.

fruit machines

I just love Indian food. Once i visited India along with my parents and the food culture there was really amazing and very diversified. Varied languages and food habits are India's identity.
There we enjoyed many food there like naan, aloo ka parantha, tandoori chicken etc.
I would definitely like to visit there as soon as possible :)


Visited the Indian Princess location on Black Mountain Rd over the weekend (9494 Black Mountain Road, San Diego, CA 92126). Found the staff there to be wonderfully helpful as well. At one point my girlfriend and I got to talking and neglecting our food. Our server, noticing that our food had remained untouched for awhile, came over and offered to warm up our dishes for us.

Food quality was great, too. I'll be back. Oh, and I got a deal on a gift certificate from (


I believe the Hillcrest India Princess is now closed. :( Went there for dinner the other night and there was a banner out front that said the space was available for lease.


Hi Brian - Thanks! Yes, the HC location has closed. I'm kinda behind on keeping up with old posts!

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