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Saturday, 31 December 2005



Have a very happy New Year!


Hi Kirk, Happy Happy New Year!



I doubt that the one in the store will taste as good as you homemade Nishime, and post a picture of it, an I am sure it will look better!


Happy New Year Kirk!!!!!


Hi Kirk!!!
I have the same "custom" as you too to take a deep breath in of the New Year. :)I don't know if you think it wierd but I make sure I time it too to exhale some of 2005 before I breathe in 2006. I believe it helps me remember where I've been before taking in where I have yet to be. If it makes any sense to you :P

That was a really interesting post about the new year foods. The closest thing we have in Singapore ( and I believe malaysia and possibly HK) is during chinese new year, we have this thing called "loh yu sang" (lucky raw fish salad) there are about 8 ingredients including sashimi each with some significance and they include shredded carrot and radish, peanuts,candied gingier strips etc. Everyone sits around the table, gets their chopsticks and tosses it together, the higher the better and says "lucky" things for the CNY.

Anyway I would love to see your Nishime. It will be wonderful and tasty I'm sure.

Passionate Eater

Thank you for the kind wishes Kirk, Happy New Year to you, the Missus, and the Boys too!

clare eats

Happy New Year!!!


happy new year to you and your family!


Happy New Year Kirk and everyone!

Barbara Fisher

Happy New Year, Kirk, to you, the Missus, and the Boys! May you have many days and nights of happy eating in the coming year!


Hi Joanne - Happy New Year!

Hi Thess - Hope your New Year will be the best!

Hi Rachel - I'll go ahead and post the Nishime tomrrow. I think all Nationalities have their own New Year specialties!

Hi PE - Happy New Year!

Hi Clare - I'm sure it's a great New Year with Kiri back!

Hi santos - Best wishes for you as well!

Hi Elmo - Happy New Year, looking forward to all your "Monsterous" food posts this year!

Hi Barbara - Happy New Year to you and your Family!


Happy new year, Kirk! I hope you find lots of great restaurants next year (and that you tell us all about them).

My new year's meal was hot pot. Just the thing for a rainy winter night.


Hey Kirk,

Lots of happiness, good health, prosperity and GOOD EATS to you, the Missus & the Boyz in 2006! Happy New Year!


Hi Howie - We also had Hot Pot recently! Our best wishes for the New Year to You!

Hi Pam - Happy New Year!


Hi Lance - Sorry; I missed you! Happy New Year!


Hi Kirk,

Sorry I'm late with this, but I hope you and the missus had a fabulous New Years!


No problemo Reid - Happy New Year to you as well!

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