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Monday, 05 December 2005


Jay Carli

Kirk, how do you rate the plate lunch at Kealani's in Encinitas? I've always thought it was top notch, and am wondering your opinion.


Kirk....such the tease! Give us more! Did you happen to look at the catering menu? They have meat jun. Need to ask why it's not on the everyday menu


Hi Jay - Thanks for tkaing the time out to comment. We visited Kealani's back when we moved to San Diego in '01, and I don't remember much about the visit, except that the Chicken Long Rice was very bland. I do have them on my list for a revisit.

Hey Jack - You know I saw that on the catering menu, but always forget to ask. Sorry didn't mean to tease, but I had some technical difficulties. I thought that you wouldn't need to go past the Locomoco!!! Do you think I ate enough of this, or what?


HOLY COW! Yep, they sure the heck do and I know EXACTLY where it is! I know what I'm gonna beg up for dinner tomorrow, THE FISH! The Korean chicken looked fabulous also. Do they do pork katsu as well as the chicken? I chicken doesn't sit well with me... but I can sure do some pork!


Hi Kirk,

Interesting choice, but the prices...YIKES! Everything looks good...and yeah, how did you manage to eat that loco moco.

Christine D.

ahh loco moco!! I wanna try this, but i don't know where i should buy it in orange county... This is the perfect time for me to eat it because i have final exams, it's winter, and i don't have any dressy parties to go to!


Hi Jo - I hope it's as good as this location was. :o)

Hi Reid - Like they say; No pain, no gain. LOL!

Hi Christine - Try this link out for size:

Also, Elmo might have some idea! I'd love to hear what you've got to sat about a locomoco...


Its 7am and I am SOOOOOO hungry from reading this post. Like you, I have been going to L & L because it is close, but the wife and I will have to try this place.

Great Post!


Holy Shiite! Everything looks so goddamn awesome...and to top it off it gets a the Kirk seal of approval!

10 bucks is steep for a plate lunch, but man, look at those portions! That'll feed me for 3 whole days!

Christine, I saw Loco Moco in your home city of Tustin at Waikiki Hawaiian Grill on Newport Blvd., behind the Souplantation.


Thanks for the report! Can't wait to try this place.


Hi Rob - I think the portion sizes will keep "Baby" fed.;o)

Hi Elmo - It is kind of pricey, but the portions are pretty big. I said the same thing when I saw ten bucks for Plate Lunch Kalbi. Most items are a notch better then L&L.

Hi Candice - This place is worth a try. Beware the portion sizes....


Three layers of chicken katsu?! Thats enought to feed a family. And the loco mocco was a tower (no doubt helped by the prop up by the rice). Man oh man that looked good. Despite the seemingly high prices, you get more than your $'s worth!

I still have yet to try a loco mocco for fear of bursting at the seams, but that picture is making me crave one right now.

Did you order three dishes on your first visit? Thats lot of food Kirk!


Hi Mealcentric - I ordered two dishes on my first visit. And it still was a lot of food! Ended up being two meals(and some picking in between).


Holy Shitake!,

I have seen Da' Kitchen for years here, and I keep telling myself for years now that I am going to go there. it is in a corner area on a side street, so if you're not looking for it you'll miss it, and you guessed correctly I missed it. FOR YEARS!!!! Ahhh well maybe when the pocket book is fuller I will go and try.


Man, that's a lot of food to put away, but they all look so good. Must have been hard to stop. Talk about good local food to the max. I bet Da Hawaiian Paralysis took over right after that.


Hi Mills - If the food is as good as this location, it'll be pretty darn good!

Hi Lance - Can you imagine trying to eat that much katsu? There's no way you can fake that! And yes, major Kanak-Attack!


ok... so what the heck is a "Kanack Attack"? ::tilts head with amused look::


Hi Jo - It means, eat till you coma!

clare eats

I am so glad you found a kine place that lives up to your expectations! The food looks so yummy!


Hey Kirk! Looks like you found a winna! The prices are a little high, but the portions and quality more then make up for it, it seems. The loco looks so good right now.. and that chicken katsu?? I thought L&L gave a lot. lol... well, congrats!!!

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