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Tuesday, 06 December 2005


clare eats


Well I think you managed to avoid the "fewsion" :P dishes, so surely that counts in your favour?

BTW u r soooo cheeky


Hi Clare - You mean cheeky like those rolls...LOL! Time will tell, if I make the cut.


The place gets an A for decor. The pictures and description fo the food are appetizing, makes me want to go despite the YMMV factor.


OH MY GOSH! YOUR ASIAN!?!?! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??? ::smiles sweetly:: I guess the Magic Mic should have made me suspicious huh? ::wink:: ANYway, the crispy pata would definately be my dish of choice. I'm going to have to give that a shot when (if!) we have piggys of our own. Mills gave me "Culinaria Spain" for Christmas (early so it could be read and safely packed before departure). There are tons of pata recipes there as well. By the way, how the heck can you avoid fusion with Asian cuisine? After learning about Korean and Vietnamese cuisines in particular, it seems that everything laps over everywhere. Much like Euro, American and South American cuisines.


Hi Norodiam - The decor is very nice, and if you've never had Filipino Food before this might be a nice intro. Te food as a whole is much lighter then standard Filipino fare.

Hi Jo - I've just started reading some of Penelope Casas's books, and am learning alot about the Cuisine of Spain. Your exactly right, where would Korea be without the Chili Pepper from Portugal, like wise Japanese food without tempura, introduced by the same. The more you look into things, the more you see influences and similarities....


adobo pesto??? hmm, i dunno. but those "buns" cracked me up!!!


Yup, the chili pepper is a perfect example. Native only to South American climes, the plant has only been in Portugal a few hundred years. Same goes for tomatoes & potatoes. Yet what would Korean cuisine be without this staple? Better question might be, what WAS Korean cuisine before the chili? Considering that red chili is sold in HUGE bags in Korean markets... The only thing more boggeling for me to contimplate than food history over the last 500 years is how language developed...


Hi Pam - Very graphic "buns"....:o)

Hi Jo - I still kid my friends who enjoy "second generation Chinese food(Italian)" all the time!


::laughing:: About the only thing that is really "Italian" about spaghetti is the meat!


Hi Kirk,

I like pandan chicken and haven't made it in a while. Your post reminded me that I should...thanks!


Hi Jo - And oregano????

Hi Reid - Can't wait for the post!


A lot of the kimch they think were spiced with chinese peppercorns, but when the Portugues introduced the Capiscum sp. pretty much that was the cats meow. ;)


Oregano is a weed found all over southern Europe AND the Americas. Maybe even more far flung than that. Heck, ALL herbs are weeds for that matter, even onions. I'm not sure that qualifies it as being of a particular nationality or not. Greek & Mexican cuisine both use it pretty heavily as well as Spanish. ::shrugs:: I'm not gonna say yes or no on this one. What I will say is this: 1 t. of oregano is supposed to have more anti-oxidant umph than a serving of berries. So, "shut up kids and eat your herbs!"


This place is on my list to return to. I'll stick to something more traditional on my next trip! I wonder if this place gets rockin later in the evening?


Hi Mills - I'd say it's bit more then the "cat's meow"!!!

Hi Jo - But it's not Chinese!

Hey Jack - Hope you're feeling better. I heard the bar upstairs serves pretty good food, and something about a certain type of San Miguel???


Really? Are you certain?


Hi Jo - I know the Chinese use it as a herbal remedy, but not in cooking.....



The Mexican oregano is actually related to lemon verbena than in the Origanum sp. where most of the italian and the mediterranean/asian oregano belongs.


::rolls eyes laughing:: Mills, you are just way to smart for me! ;o)

Greecelavarias 2000

im wondering if there is a karaoke? Especially tagalog songs?/ hehhe...

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