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Thursday, 01 December 2005


clare eats

Those bastards!!!

So what did they think you were there for? A plate lunch or something? LOL


Hi Clare - The nerve of me!!! ;o)


It always surprises me when restaurant workers act like they're doing you a big favor by actually doing their job. I guess when their empty restaurant goes bankrupt, they can cool their heels all they want.

By the way, Kirk, did you ever review the Tiki Hut in the Scranton food court? It seems like you're hit every other plate lunch place in SD.


Hi Howie - Everytime I've had a chance to go there it's been closed. BTW, there's a Tiki Hut near SDSU as well. I promise myself I'll get there. Haven't done Ohana BBQ in National City yet as well. But stay tuned, I found a very good Plate Lunch place that just opened 3 weeks ago!


When restaurant personnel act like that I first wonder what the boss did to them and I second wonder if they washed there hands after there last visit to the "facilities" ::grimaces::


Hi Jo - I think these were the "bosses".....;o6


EWWW! ::shudders with disgust:: yuck!


Hi Kirk,

What? No mayo in the mac salad. Unheard of....sheesh. The least they could do was get it right. *sigh*


Hi Jo - Double EWWW!

Hi Reid - Second place that I've been to that does this to a "macaroni salad"...


Triple ewww if there was a creamy substance associated with the macaroni... remember, I married a guy who was in the Navy =oP

Island Girl

I think you're being a little unfair to the owners. I've eaten there several times and had their food catered. I had the food catered for a work luncheon and the food was delicious and the order taker was very accommodating. Yesterday, I catered food from Da Kine to try a different restaurant. The food was okay and the order taker did not get my order right. Today, a friend of mine had food catered from the Bamboo Hut. My husband and I agreed that we preferred the Bamboo Hut over Da Kine. That's just my opinion but I hope people give Bamboo Hut a chance.


Hi Island Girl - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I find it so interesting that when people don't agree with my impression on a particular restaurant it's because I have a terminal inability to be "fair" - after going through my emails you'd think that I'm the most "unfair" individual eating in San Diego(like 200+ times). BTW, have you read my post on Da' Kine's? By reading your comment I think not:

Though for a plate lunch I think Da' Kine's is better. But after the Da' Kine's post, and to this day, I get Emails, about my "lack of respect for the Owners", of my being "unfair". Isn't that strange? I'm just glad that I don't get accused of being "dishonest", because if I were to write a glowing post on Bamboo Hut, that's what it would have been. This post could have easily been turned around if:

- The quality of the fish in the poke would have been better(and a bit more generous)and the "sauce" used wasn't so salty, and over utilized.

- The curry "sauce" wasn't so runny.

- The macaroni salad tasted like anything....

- And I didn't feel as if the people working wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible, so they could go back outside and smoke.

I've since visited Bamboo Hut 2 other times, and have not been impressed.(They got my order wrong one of the times - don't get the kalua pork or the kalbi) Sorry if you find my opinion "unfair", but it is my opinion.

Beach Girl

I actually use to work at the place as a waitress when it first opened. I worked there for about a year. I really loved the sushi there when I was working there and the place used to be really packed. I got to say we had a lot of hot asian girls working there and we were great waitresses and the sushi chef were awesome. It's been 2 years since I visit so I don't know how things are. People may have changed. It was awesome back then, i guess it sucks now. that's sad to hear but I have no remorse since the owner was not a great boss but I had fun due to my coworkers.

Haole boy

Me and a friend stopped in there because the line was out the door at Pho Cali, and we both ordered the Kalua Pig sandwich, which was a giant pile of pork and cabbage over pan de sal buns(probably miss-spelled, phillipino sweet bread. I was totally blown away by it! The pork was just right, very tender, and I had fries with it (to further ensure the heart attack) and they were great too!

The female server was very nice and personable, but the young male chef behind the counter did just sit there and stare at us, and they talked for a while before we got the bill. So I'd have to agree with the OP on the level of service. I'm going back tomorrow with a few friends, so we'll see if they can give us better service next time.

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