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Monday, 19 December 2005



Hmm kirk, you have touched on my love-hate relationship with buffets.
Instant food is very good when your hungry and in a hurry but the quality is often sub par. On the other hand, you can get to try lots of different dishes espcially if your not too familiar with the cuisine, and don't know what to order. Some buffets have really good food or one or two good dishes but the sad part is if you want to try everything, you dont have room for another serve of your favourite dish *pop*

*sigh* this is why I have a love-hate relationship with buffets. BTW the buffet at the Luxor in vegas is pretty good but I heard the one at Paris is even better. Too bad I stuffed myself so much at the Luxor I didn't have a desire for another buffet. So many buffets.... not enough stomach (or the not wanting of a second stomach and chin for that matter)


Ya know, I'm not totally crazy about Indian, yet I see posts like this and I'm drawn. Mills & I keep trying different things and some items are wonderful, others... well, you know, stuff happens. Something I really love but have no clue what it is called is cauliflower with onions & bellpeppers in curry sauce. THAT is outstanding. Particularly over buttery basmati rice (I add a touch of chicken bullion to the cooking water). mmm... that and ma po tofu.... yummmmmm


Hi Rachel - We like the Spice Market and Bellagio Buffets in Vegas...funny story, they had really fresh rambutan at the Bellagio, and the Missus filled her plate with them, people kept staring at her, they thought it was decorative, but she started munching on those rambutans, which she declared as delici-yoso!!! And soon, every plate around us had rambutans on them!

Hi Jo - I like I think it's called Aloo Gobi Masala - Cauliflower and potatoes...I like that alot!!


Ooo...I love buffets too! The one at Bellagio is yummy! So is the one at the Rio - the seafood buffet! And I get major cravings for Indian and Thai food too! Darn these cravings of mine!!! ;)


I've always thought that Indian food was the best Asian food for buffet service as so many of the dishes are stews of various kinds. Unlike stirfries, stews are made to sit and stew for a while.

An Indian professor at the college where I work thinks Ashoka the Great is the best Indian restaurant in SD, but when I look at their menu, it is almost exactly what I can get very well prepared out here in the desert (at India House in Yuma). Well, one difference, it's all 2-3 dollars more in SD.

Have you been to the Madras cafe in the same strip mall? It is an all vegetarian place, and their buffet is interesting and different and good (imho). Of course, it is south Indian, so most of the dishes are different than what is usual, and maybe for me, that is the appeal.


I agree with Ed, Indian food seems to be the only cuisine that is suited to a buffet chafin dish. The longer it sits, the more deep the flavor. Now I am craving Indian!


Hi Kristy - Serves you right, for making me Jones for a Fatburger!

Hi Ed - I think your analysis hit it right on the head. We do have Madras and Surati Farsan on our list.

Hi Elmo - You're right Indian Food seems well suited for buffets.


Aiyah! Okay, okay... You're right. Oh, btw, what is "IMHO" and "YMMV"??? All these acronyms and my head's all in a tizzy! ;)


Ashoka on Black Mtn. Rd. is my husband's favorite restaurant in the area. I've been there a few times with him. He works around there so Ashoka is always on his lunch rotation schedule.

My favorite dish there is the Nav Rattan Korma. I agree that they have some great veg dishes, but of course I would say that since I pretty much eat vegetarian. I think the service is good and it's a pleasant atmosphere. It's always packed at lunchtime on weekdays there.

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it. I plan on reviewing Ashoka soon, too. Last week we tried Coconut Grove (same shopping center) and I'd be interested to see what you thought of that place's buffet.


If you want any good biotech/hitech gossip, lean into any one of the tables at Ashoka during lunch and you might learn something new! Like Ed, I like Madras Cafe and have only been to Surati Farsan once. I didn't care for their masala dosa but had a number of tasty snacks. I'll definitely be back there.


So Sorry Kristy - But I really don't have anything on Dylan when it comes to acronyms. IMHO - In my humble opinion. YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary. LOL!(look another acronym...)

Hi Beth - We tried looking through the window at Coconut Grove, but it was so dark - I'll look forward to your posts.

Hi Jack - Is that how you got all your "tips" and inside info? :o) I guess I need to move Madras up on our "To Eat" list.


Kirk, I want to love indian food. I really do. But they just use so much butter and oil, its just turns me off. I feel my arteries clogging as I eat the food (as delishious as it may be). My aunt married an Indian gentleman in london and his parents me this delish "chicken wings" dish. I ate so much of it they gave me the leftovers. The next day, I took it out of the fridge andit was a BLOCK OF BUTTER with suspended chicken wings. Imagine the jello with fruit! I thought I was going to die of a stroke.

As to Vegas buffets, I'm totally with you on Spice Market and Bellagio. A total tie. But I went to the Wynn last time and we have a new contender!!!


Hi MEalcentric - I guess that's why I'm only able to have like 2 plates of food, it's so very rich. I'll have to try the Wynn Buffet next time I'm in Vegas! Thanks for the tip.


Hi Kirk,

The only Indian buffet that we have now is at Zaffron and I have to say that the food there is terrible. Lucky that you have quite a number of places to choose from.

BTW...the Indian restaurants here are quite expensive and no matter how much I'm craving Indian food, I do my best to control myself.


Hi Reid - Ordering off the menu, in most Indian Restaurants here can be pricey as well. So buffets are kinda fun, you get an interesting variety.

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