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Sunday, 18 December 2005



Hi Clare - I don't know how to clean them, though. Maybe I can get Sam during a slow day, and do a step-by-step. I do hope Kiri comes home soon, I've got my fingers crossed.....


Yum! Everything looked so good!

BTW, whenever Prof Salt arranges the next SoCal blogger lunch, you have to bring Ed so we can see the Delici-yoso dance!


Hi Pam - That would be funny, wouldn't it?


::frowns:: What happened to Kiri?

hmmm... ::tilts head curiously:: what makes you think I will like them Kirk? I've never had uni (that I know of at least).


Hi Jo - Think velvety, rich, and buttery like custard, with a nice hint of sweetness.


hmmm, could be interesting. I'll have to start battling the squeamies now! ;o)


I wanted to cry when I saw the picture of the Uni. I argee that there is nothing better than fresh Uni. It is the pinnacle of sushi!


Hi Jo - Just close your eyes and eat! :o)

Hi Rob - I wish the photo of the uni came out better. I hope to get a better photo next time. Very few things better then Live/Fresh does spoil you.


Thank YOU for inviting us!! i'll try to work up my blog entry this weekend! i just need to come up with many different ways of describing how much i loved the fresh uni! ;)


Oh please, you guys are so not weird at all!!


Hi Annie - Thank both of you for joining us, and being such great company. Ed & I really enjoyed ourselves. I look forward to your post; Live Uni, is good eats, ain't it? Thanks for thinking we're semi-normal, delici-yoso dance and all. Happy Holidays!


funny play on the title -- i just noticed!!


Hi Annie - I thought it was slightly "pun-ny".


Hi, I just read your article on Sammy Sushi. I've been there many times because I have a friend that lives right down the street. Sammy is very cool and I enjoy his great attitude and fun energy but I must say that I've been disspointed more and more everytime I go. Just like you, I love exploring sushi and pho joints. I ordered sashimi/nigiri there maybe twice, and the pictures you have up are NOTHING like what i got. He must have given you special treatment. Sammy's rolls are, in my opinion, overpriced (he uses fake crab meat and the pieces of sashimi are small). Several times I went the rice was undercooked because we got there right at 5:30 when he opens up again. I don't think I should have to know sammy personally to get good slices of sashimi. Quite frankly, I used to go there enough to where he recognizes me. Sorry, but Sammy has lowered his standards since when i first started going there.


Hi Tracy - I don't know if you read my first post on Sammy's:

But I've known Sammy, and have been a regular customer for over 5 years. Do I get special treatment, well yes, as any regular customer of any restaurant, or other service industry would, for example if the same person has been doing your hair for like 10 years, and you needed to be "squeezed in" for an appointment, they will probably make the best effort to do so - that's special treatment. Do I get preferential treatment? Well, not that I can detect, I've checked out what other people were getting, and it looked the same as I was getting to me. In other words, my hamachi did not look any better than anybody else's Hamachi. This specific dinner cost $70(w/o tip) per person, and was set up in advance, you can do the same too, if you ever ask Sam. A couple of things; I never ask the price of anything; I usually get what's "good" that day - that includes the sashimi; I almost never get "rolls", unless I'm with a group. BTW, where have you been getting real crab in a Cali Roll for under $10? I think Sam's Cali Roll is like $4, or less, which is standard for this level of sushi bar. You won't even be able to order a Roll at some of the other Sushi Bars/Izakaya's I frequent - Shirahama, and Sakura. when I go to Sammy, he knows that he can serve all of His other Customers before me, it's part of the give and take between the Itamae and Customer, when He has a break he'll ask me if I have anything in mind, or will just make me something. So I have a good opportunity to check out what he is making(and also see what looks good), and it has always looked consistent. I will suggest that you not be sorry, just find a Sushi Bar that will meet your needs/"standards". In the end, Sammy's is really just a good neighborhood joint, and may be too raucous for many.

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