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Friday, 11 November 2005



I think you're right - there's going to be more Hawaiian BBQ spots than McDonald's pretty soon! (or something to that extent...)


Hi Kirk,

So inquiring minds want to know. Did you stop for Spam musubi? =P


Nice photos of the prison.

Tacos Mi Rancho seems to be a popular name. I think there's one here in San Diego, too. Clearly it's not a chain, but does Mi Rancho refer to a particular style or type of taco?


Hi Kathy - If there's a Hawaiian BBQ in Yuma, they'll soon be everywhere....

Hi Reid - I was sorely tempted, but much too full. ;o)

Hi Angie - Doesn't Mi Rancho, mean something like My Farm? I'm guessing it's a really popular name - I believe that there's a taco shop in PB with that name?


It does mean something like my farm. The one in Yuma is connected to a fancier restaurant in town simply called Mi Rancho though the Tacos Mi Rancho is the original location. Did you try the salsa there? I think it is the best restaurant salsa in town. Glad you had fun; I sure did!


Hey Kirk! You have been a very busy fellow haven't you!?! I'm impressed that you visited the prison. I thought I was the only person crazy enough to do that ;o) And not just Alcatraz, I've been to the Prison Museum in Boise, Idaho as well. Looks like Ed took really good care of you on your tour.


Hi Ed - I did try the salsa, it was good - but I was really paying more attention to the meat....

Hi Jo - Yes, Ed from Yuma should be the official Yuma Taco Crawl King. I enjoy "prisons" too, I've been to Alcatraz 3 times!


HOLY COW! 3 times!?!?! ummm... I think I'll take the 5th here, and just shut up. ::wink::


Ho, hawaiian bbq in Yuma?!!? That's something that I would never have expected.


Great Yuma posts Kirk. You make it seem like a tourist destination. Looks like some good eats. I love how you skipped the "free hotel breakfast" to take advantage of the opportunity to eat local food. When I was in Vietnam I was shocked at how many people wasted an opportunity to eat good local food by eating at the hotels AMERICAN breakfast buffet. WTF?!


Hey Jack - I know, pretty funny, huh?

Hi MEalcentric - Eating local always beats anything else! Man, how are you going to enjoy Vietnam, if you don't eat the food?

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