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Tuesday, 08 November 2005



Mmm, empanadas. For someone who was still full, you sure held your own at dinner. Thanks for sacrificing yourself to bring us that report. ;-)

After your posts, now when I think of Yuma, I imagine an oasis in the desert. As I approach I think it's a mirage. Are those tents I see? No, it's a caravan of trucks serving delicious tacos.

Sounds like the best kind of road trip--visiting a new place and having friends there take you to all the best places to eat.


Just a couple notes. I think the bright orange color of the empenadas may be achiote, not chipotle - see what cervezas do to the memory. The whole fish that they will have later in the season is zarandeado - which is marinated and barbecued - what they had available last weekend was just fried whole fish. But we should have tried it anyway. Blame it on the cervezas. Glad you had a good time because I sure enjoyed myself!


Hi Angie - Ed's a great guy, and I definitely learned alot during one day.

Hi Ed - Thanks, I've made the corrections. Glad it was only cervezas; if we'd had sake, this would've never been written, and think about how the photo's would've come out!


Thanks Ed and Kirk. This was a really fun series of posts to read. I think you guys just made Yuma a must-go dining destination.


looks like you had a blast. Great post


Hi Elmo - This was mostly Ed's work, all I did was follow him and eat. And Boy did I eat!

Hi MEalcentric - Thanks for the compliment. I did enjoy myself, and must've put on about 5 pounds in the process.


Awesome posts Kirk, I really enjoyed reading about your trip! Those empanadas look very tasty.


Such unusual empanadas, they look soo good! You must be taco-ed out(or mexican food-ed-out?) by the end of this trip!


Hi Jack - It was a fun and interesting experience. The empanadas were delici-yoso!!!

Hi Kathy - I came back and needed some rice ASAP! You realize this was only 1 day right? But you can be sure I'll be looking for some cabeza and birria around here soon!


The post was certainly spiced up with photos. I didn't really know what you meant by a lot of those food items as we have a gross lack of mexican food over here. Thanks for bringing us on this virtual gastronomic tour of Yuma. If I ever visit AZ again, I would make a point to stop there :)


Hi Rachel - Yes, pictures pretty much tell the tale. I've been toying around with just doing pictures.....


oh no nonononono ... you aren't getting away with it _that_ easily :) I love your commentaries, histories and stories as well !! Maybe once in a while when the pictures say a thousand words but other than that your standard format is great. If it ain't broke ....

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