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Monday, 07 November 2005



Yaay first to post !! :)

This is turning out to be some awesome taco crawl! kim chee tacos anyone?? you could experiment and make the "crunchy coldness" kim chee instead of cabbage !

Glad you found such interesting food! I would've loved to have tried the lebanese style tacos as well as the beef cheek ones. Thats what I love about the good ol US of A. The great regional differences in FOOD !


Looks more like Ranch 33 Market! But, hey, at least you don't have the crowds to fight through.

The tacos look great. I always thought the same thing when I hear the word beef cheeks.

Rachel, that kimchee taco is not so farfetched. Once, while driving north on the I-5, I stopped at an El Salvadoran restaurant (Tita's Pupuseria) in Buttonwillow. I could have sworn it was kimchee they served me along with the pupusas.


Hi Kirk,

Interesting. I heard beef cheeks had a really nice flavor and that the meat was very tender. Now I know.

BTW...those tacos look killer! =P


I like that 99 Ranch comment! haha (my roomate is giving me strange looks for laughing at the computer screen)

Beef cheek tacos sound delicious, all moist and tender...uh oh, my stomach is rumbling again!


Hi Rachel - Again, kimchee goes with everything, right? :o) I've seen signs for "tacos Al Pastor (as in pasture)", now I know what it means.

Hi Angie - Sounds like they replaced the cabbage or lettuce with Curtido, which is the pickled and sometimes spicy cabbage & carrots they top pupusas with. It's delici-yoso!

Hi Reid - Like a really condensed beef flavor. It was really good.

Hi Kathy - This was a real education for me.


Oooh, Ed almost did a delici-yoso dance? Those cabeza tacos must be good!

Funny comment re: the Ranch 49.5 Market! Classic!


Hilarious post! Ranch 49.5! HA! What a cool little road trip you went on!


Hi Pam - That was some good cheek(thought I wuz going to say head, huh?).

Hi Elmo - We haven't even gotten to dinner yet.


Al Pastor means shepherd style or some such. Until I heard about the Lebanese/lamb connection, it always seemed weird that pork tacos were called shepherd style. After all, have you ever tried to herd pigs?


Hi Ed - Yes, I noted that under the second picture above. I used pasture as a verbal clue so I could remember, after all we ate sooo damn much!


I read somewhere that there is an asian market in the Yuma Foothills...Does anybody know about this place? I drove all the way down Fortuna and Foothills Blvds looking for it: no luck.


the Asian Mkt in the foothills area is way out in the strip mall with the Wells Fargo and the DoNut shop. Goes by intiials L&S, S&C (something helpful like that). Very complete--Deep freezer chests of fish of all kinds, vertical reach-in refrigerated cases with branded packaged fresh and frozen fish and seafood, meats, pastries, and fresh Asian greens and fresh shitake mushrooms. Aisles of sauces from all over Asia. Dry goods in popular Asian brands, groceries, cookies, canned goods, youi name it. Even comic books. If I lived in Yuma it would be in the weekly rotation.

ed (from Yuma)

It's called L & P. It is in the same stripmall with Don Quixote. Like Sue says, it's got all kinds of stuff.

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