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Sunday, 06 November 2005




The seafood looked absolutely wonderful! :) Looks like you're trip is turning out great!


Hi Kirk,

WOW! Looks like you had some good eats there. I would have definitely loved the caguamanta. I love barbecued sting ray, so I can just imagine how this would taste. Mmm!


Hi Mills - I was so amazed that there was abalone in the cocktail! And guess what, we're not even finished "lunch" yet".

Hi Reid - It was very good! I need to find somewhere that makes this here.


Oh man! That looks awesome and wonderfully weird! A food court of taco trucks! This could be something you might have to alert Huell Howser on. If that ain't California's Gold, I dunno what is.

Now I gotta look up where Yuma is on the map.

Ed from Yuma, for some reason (maybe the way you describe him), reminds me of Ed from "Shaun of the Dead"...


Oh nevermind about that Huell Howser idea...I just looked up Yuma. It's in Arizona...duh!


Hi kirk,

Thats looking like one amazing trip. Hehe its funny how you comented those caravan truck things looked like a food court as they all bunch together. That is so interesting and v. cool. I'd like to go to Yuma now too!!

wow you don't often come across abalone do you? But I absolutely love the stuff. It retails for about $40 a tin in singapore, and the fresh green lipped ones you can get here but I know they are very dear too.

Thats a very interesting post ! Can't wait to see what dinner was.


Nice desert photo, Kirk. I enjoy the drive out there and the rugged, natural beauty of the desert and mountains. Given our limited water resources, however, it always disturbs me to see all of those farms out in the middle of the desert.

It's odd to think of seafood in the desert, too, until you look at the map and realize that the Gulf of California is not that far south of Yuma.

Bring on the rest of lunch!


All in the name of are the man Kirk! Looks like it was a great adventure. Can't wait to read about the rest of the day.


Hi Elmo - Ed oftens jokes about how I've made him "immortal". As for the taco trucks, you'd drive down the streets - outside of gringo territory. And right next to a field of say, lettuce, or down an alley you'd see a mass of people eating at fold-up tables and chairs at a taco truck.

Hi Rachel - Yes, these were fresh abalone. I saw a few in the shell on ice on my way out.

Hi Angie - Funny, that was the first thing I mentioned to Ed; where the heck does all the water come from. He explained the damming of the Gila River, etc. BTW, that's the Colorado River, more like the Colorado stream in the picture.

Hey Jack - It actually get's better!


What an adventure and... fresh seafood in the middle of nowhere!


Hi Joseph - Yes, it was a (eating) adventure......


I used your page to find that oriental store, only one in town ! Now I'm gonna go try that taco truck food court too. BTW, there is now an Indian food place on 4th, the buffet is 6.75? I think ( for lunch ). Finding those Gastronomical delites is almost as much fun as eating them. Thanks for all the good info :)


Hi Frederick - Thanks for visiting. I'm glad our humble little blog was of some use.

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