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Sunday, 20 November 2005



Hi Jo - You can find MEalcentric at:

I think you'll love his posts on his visits to Thailand and Vietnam.


THANK YOU! Actually, I found him with a single word on GooGle ;o) I really hurt for the price he paid for what he didn't get! I've been hearing about these things for a lot of years now. The cajun folk I know are CRAZY about them!


Hi Jo - Too bad he didn't get to eat it, huh?


::sighs and shakes her head:: Oh man, is it ever! I know I've been bragging that NEXT year we will be eating a turkey we've raised ourselves. But I'll tell you true, if we suddenly become the epitome of farming perfection and make a million at the farmer's market OR I write the Great American Novel in the next few months, I'll be eating turduken next year!


OH yea, nearly forgot... I'm doing our turkey in a brine with star anise, cinnamon, and some dry red thai chilies. Tomorrow I'll try your pancakes but I'm going to add a bit of sweet potato to the dough. Whaddya tink?


Hi Jo - I'm sure we'll hear about your meal soon - hope you have a good ne!


ummm... YES! I'm doing the leftover bird with the sweet potato pancakes tomorrow, I hope! Boy was our bird sweet and tasty and juicy!!!

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