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Wednesday, 09 November 2005



woo bring on the fried food train!! All that stuff looks soo good. I have a secret passion for fried chicken as well and its only my waist (waste?) that keeps me from having it more often. We have many of those establishments you so mention here as well only they are known as ABC restaurants, serving the standard mongolian lamb, sitr fried beef in oyster sauce, chow mein, chop suey etc. One of these in my town is an all you can eat plae but I only go there for one thing .... Fried Chicken !!! its beautifully marinated with ginger juice and salt and pepper and fried golden brown. Anyway, I look forward to your review on chicken wings :)


Hi Rachel - I love fried chicken too, maybe a little too much!

Brian Bautista

I have been patron to this restaurant since I was 6 years old (I am now 22). I have grown to love this place! I am so happy it's finally been viewed here! I also do believe this is the place where the garlic chicken wings craze started.


Wow, the chicken wings look like they will crackle on my screen.

We have a special WCB get well edition for Clare and Kiri this weekend. Do join us even if you do not have a cat. Further details on Farmgirl's link and my site:


When you say "cake noodles" have you tried the Chinese noodle dish where they serve the stir-fry dish in what looks like a basket? I think they some times refer to it as a birds nest or something, of course not to be confused with bird nest soup.

I think the last time I had the basket noodle dish it was at Emerald Seafood or some random place in LA that I can't remember. The texture of the noodles was different from the sort they use for normal Chow Mein.


i'd like to try that salt n pepper tofu, looks good!

oh man! i miss going to an authentic chinese restaurant, which is not many here because most of the time, 'chinese food' here is adapted to the dutch taste...may i say 'bleh'? so i settle for your reviews *sigh

have a fine weekend, kirk.


Chicken Wing tasting? Count me in!


Hi Brian - Nice to "hear" from you again. By the looks of it, Royal Mandarin will probably still be going strong 25 years from now! I'd enjoy any recommendations that you might have for National City - I'll be doig Manila Tokyo in the future, that's a real fun place.

Hi Boo_licious - Thank you for thinking of me and including me! I'll come up with something.

Hi Lisa - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Cake noodle are flat "cakes" of noodle that are fried and cut into squares. A stir fry of meat and veggies is poured over the noodles, so ome of it becomes soft, while part of it is crunchy, it's a real nice textural experience, and more of a HBC (Hawaii born Chinese) dish.
I've had those "noodle basket" dishes, they are good, but never had them at Emerald, I'll definitely give it a try next time.

Hi Thess - I find the modifications that Chinese Restaurants make so interesting, I'd love to know what makes Dutch Chinese unique.

Hi Angie - That would be fun, wouldn't it?


I'll take that Deep Fried Fish Fillet anywhere...even from an ABCDE. That's a clever acronym, BTW! I've not heard it before until now! I'm going to start using it!


OHHHH! That noodle dish! I can say no more.


Hi Elmo - That fish fillet is really good...I think we'll be having some tomorrow.

Hi Courtney - Thanks for stopping by! Not much I can add to what you said! LOL!


Fried chicken wing excursion? I'm there!


Hey Jack - I'll make sure to count you in.


I just noticed your blog on SD/LA-area restaurants (with a mostly "ethnic" view) - great work!

I grew up in San Diego near National City, so I used to go to the Royal Mandarin - wow, I haven't been there in ages. And I really miss their garlic-salt-pepper wings - it is, as you said, just like a crack addiction. I just wish there was a place like that here in Santa Barbara - most of the food at the RM would blow anything that the ABCDE places would have here... Sigh.


Hi Ed - Welcome and thanks for commenting! You're right, those wings are so addictive. I actually crave them once in a while. I don't ever recall having them anywhere but in San Diego....funny, eh?


The other things I always crave when I'm down there visiting the family are the chicken and beef pies from the Canton Bakery next door. Flaky, greasy, probably not so good for you, all wrapped in nostalgic goodness - why can't I find these elsewhere, arghh! Well, here in Santa Barbara, we're talking about an area that only has four small Asian-themed markets - I'm probably not going to see any good chicken or beef pies anytime soon. But the Indo-China market here has some reasonably cheap "clotted cream" ;)


Hi Ed - We call it Scary Lady bakery. The Lady who works there, isn't mean or anything. She just looks very scary intense - I wouldn't want to mess with Her intense.....


Do you know the recipe for those wings? I've been trying to cook them at home since I don't live in San Diego anymore. Love them. I also like Golden Chopsticks Egg Foo young. Best in san Diego. I was really upset that Golden Dragon (hilcrest) closed. Iloved there General Tso's Chicken. It was crispy and very spicey and sweet.


Hi Charles - I wish I had the recipe for those wings... then I wouldn't have to drive down to National City everytime I get a craving. Those are like crack! Maybe someone out there knows????


I have had the salt and pepper wings numerous times now from Royal Mandarin and every time I bring them to an event/party, all the "newbies" fall in love with them. I thin a true testament to good wings are the people who love these and are not even truly wing eaters, like some of my female friends in the under 100lb category!!! These are always a hit!

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