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Sunday, 13 November 2005



Hi Kirk,

The dim sum indeed looks delicious, although I can't believe you had 10 dishes! Nah, jus kidding. Usually when I go and have dim sum with friends, we will order 6 or 7 dishes and go out for some dessert afterwards. Lucky that you were able to get TWO free dishes as well. Service here sounds exceptional. If you go back, I'd be curious to know if the service was the same.


wow, that is very impressive!! and here, i was just thinking how much i miss LA already (i was just there checking out rowland heights yesterday!!) i think we might check out pearl soon to satisfy my dim sum cravings!!


Hi Reid - It really didn't feel like much. I think the portion sizes are a bit smaller then the norm.

Hi Annie - We plan a revisit soon to see if the service and food is repeated.


Hooray for good dim sum! The fried taro balls look especially good - I've never seen a restaurant put masago on top (or serve it on a rectangular plate!).


Good service at dim sum?! Whoa. Maybe they thought you were a food critic or something since you were taking pictures? Man, I would love to get even a smile during dim sum.

Food looked REALLY good.


Hi Kirk,

I have had great experiences like those you speak of before, however, they are few and far between. But once you encounter them, don't ever let go!!! I am sure that when you become their "usual" customers you might get even better service, freebies, they might get to know the dishes you like and make them fresh for you etc. :) I am glad you had a great experience. I had been to a restaurant in Sydney with waiters who asked what I would like even before the carts came round and they would get it fresh from the kitchen !!

The taro balls with roe on top is a surprise ! It sounded yummy with the scallop too. but yeah that chilli sauce did look very sweet. I have a common favourite with you, the shrimp and chive dumpling :) I'll have it any way I can, steamed or fried. I also love chew zhau fan guo (cantonese for the chau zhou dumplings)

Oh yes!! I need to tell you that I tried your recipe for niu rou mein soup and I loved it!!! Even my Australian husband said it was nicer than one we had at a taiwanese restaurant earlier in the year. I used udon noodles as we are out in the styx and it was the only fresh type noodle (other than hokkien) available at the supermarket. Thanks for that reciple!!


Awesome! This is the same treatment I got at Pearl the three or four times I've been this year. I was also very impressed. I'm glad you liked it too. What's interesting is that it's the only dim sum place I've ever been in to in San Diego. Seems like it's the default.

Agree on that tofu in sweet chili sauce though...too sweet.


Hi Kathy - The taro gok was the hit of the day - really well done. I also think that getting them straight from the kitchen helped.

Hi MEalcentric - I was pretty much in shock for most of the lunch. Wow, I just realized I forgot to post the cost....better get on that right away. Was $36.

Hi Rachel - I'm glad the Niu Rou Mein recipe worked for you! We keep wavering on our preferences, whether we enjoy the menu type dim sum, or cart dim sum. I love the varying textures in the Chau Zhou dumplings, the glutinous wrapper, the crunchy peanuts, and the shrimp!

Hi Elmo - I think this is the only San Diego Dim Sum experience necessary. It's good to hear that my experience wasn't a random event.


Hi Kirk,

I'm glad you had a great dim sum experience to make up for those not-so-great ones lately!

I've never seen Woo Gok (Taro Balls) look that good!!! Now you got me jonesin for dim sum!


Pearl is my favorite dim sum place in SD, by far. I think it's totally worth it, despite the higher prices and smaller portions. :)


Hi Pam - Yes, I got Dim Sum redemption and then some....

Hi Mabel - Thanks for the rec' BTW. I didn't think the prices were particularly high; especially if you end up eating ten (12)dishes! :o) But I thought the service was outstanding.


I've been going to Emerald for years but have never been to Pearl because Emerald is so much closer. I also assumed that since they have the same owners, Pearl would be comparable. Now I definitely have to go and check it out for myself.


I guess you finally found a "keeper". Very surprising they were to friendly and thoughtful. Those dishes looks so good, especially the taro cakes. Is the tofu with sweet chili sauce steamed with the sauce or fried and the sauce poured over? A nice thing about smaller dishes is that it's easier to eat 10 dishes and get 2 dishes free. Sound like it balances out and you get to try more dishes.


Hi Angie - I had made the same assumption as well. But right now, I rather have Pearl.

Hi Lance - It seemed like the sauce weas poured over.


Hi Kirk--A very tardy comment on this post, just to say that on your recommendation I checked out Pearl today and found it as fantastic as you described. And I got them to make us some fried taro balls too (the last already-made dishful had just been snagged by the next table) and found them really yummy. Once again, thanks for the tip!


Hi mizducky - I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. We think that Pearl does a pretty good job, and that the service there has always been very good.


Yes, I just had some Dim Sum last week during my work lunch. That was my first time eating dim sum during the weekday. I came in, got seated, and served right away. =) Food was delicious, nice service, and good view of the park.

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