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Thursday, 03 November 2005



At least you finally got your dim sum! (Those oysters look mighty delicious).


mmmm, gummy rice wrappers. but, the oysters look fantastic, i'll have to try making those at home.


Hi kirk :)

Well at least you had some good to balance out the bad. I guess the chef just can't get his skin pastry right. IMHO, the cheong fun didn't look fresh. But hopefully the big shrimp made up for it. Well at least you know where to go if you have a craving but what not to order.

MMmm that pastry with what ooks like lotus seed paste and salted yolk looked good though :)


Hi Kirk,
Wow, you got good service at Jasmine? That would be a first for me. Gummy cheong fun is one of my pet peeeves. It always bums me out when this happens.


Sounds like my typical experience at Jasmine--some good, some bad, and yes, the dumpling wrappers always stick together and fall apart. I hate that.

But at least they cared enough to serve you tea and water.


Hi Kathy - The cabbage rolls, jook, and oysters were the hightlights.

Hi Santos - I love oysters. I'll be checking to see how they come out.

Hi Rachel - Can you believe after we ate all of that - "I need just a small bite of something sweet" - small bite???

Hey Jack - This was first for us as well. Smiling cart girls? I thought maybe I was in the wrong restaurant; or perhaps the Twilight Zone?

Hi Angie - The Dim Sum was maddingly inconsistent. But the service was suprisingly good!


I didn't know those cart ladies had the ability to smile! Glad to know you have achieved dim sum redemption...sorta.


Gummy cheong fun...eeesh. But I'm glad you had a somewhat decent experience to make up for that icky Lucky Star one. =)


Jasmine is a sentimental favorite for me but I agree, their quality can vary. I love their warm tofu with ginger syrup and pan fried chive and shrimp dumplings. They also sometimes have a chilled dish of sliced octopus that is super tender and tasty.

China Max has become my favorite dim sum spot though, although their menu is limited.


Hi Elmo - Yes, the Dim Sum Ladies were very nice. Amazing!!!!

Hi Pam - Yes ,the Dim Sum was very uneven.

Hi Candice - The table next to us took the last Fried Chive and Shrimp dumpling - it's one of our favorites as well, but didn't want to wait around. Plus I think we had enough to eat! :o)Emerald used to make the cold marinated octopus dish as well, it was delish - reminded me of Tako-Poke.


lucky, you got good dim sum. At least SOMEONE is eating good dim sum that isnt half frozen


Hi Mealcentric - Well it was ok Dim Sum. I guess I should be thankful it wasn't frozen, huh?


Hi Kirk,

The dim sum looks pretty good, too bad that for the most part, it wasn't. I've never had cabbage wrapped seafood or oysters at a dim sum place here before so those were the most interesting to me. I have to say that I'm really happy that you got good service here. I'm not going to generalize, but dim sum restaurants are not normally known for having good service.


Hi Reid - We were surprised at the service as well. Like everyone took their "Happy Pills" for the day. The cabbage rolls were really good - first time I've seen them as well.


Those who have been to China or HK know ... if you're getting good service, it's NOT real Chinese food! ;)

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