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Saturday, 05 November 2005



Hi Kirk,

Have a great time! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.


Have fun! We used to go to Yuma when I was a kid. I think it was because of the Padres training camp.

Anyway, I'm sure that you'll find some great places to eat and your reports will make it sound like a culinary mecca! :)


Have fun and eat plenty :)Can't wait for your report back - they always make me so hungry!


Yuma?! Its like that espisode of
Friends when Chandler tells his girlfriend he is going to "Yemen". Man, good luck with that and I hope you find some good chow to report on.

I am going to Vegas for a business meeting on Wednesday. Gotta slip in a side trip to Lotus of Siam or the Wynn Buffet if time permits.


I've been through Yuma a couple of times on my way to Padres spring training games. I remember eating some good Mexican food there.

I can't wait to read your report--have a great time!


Hi Reid - Thanks, I had a blast!

Hi Beth - Yuma was a great learning experience. I'm probably going to go back in the near future.

Hi Kathy - Wait till you see what I had in Yuma, it was delici-yoso!!!

Hi Mealcentric - Wow, LOS, boy am I jealous. I've never had a bad meal at LOS!

Hi Angie - There is great Mexican food in Yuma, from somewhat unexpected places.

Jacquie Kauhane

The Kalua Pig was awesome. Your recipe and tips helped out immensely. Mahalo!



Hi Jacquie - Thanks for letting me know how it came out! I'm very happy it turned out well. I'm always curious as to how my recipes come out when others make it, probably due to the fact that I'm always concerned that I left some important step out....

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