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Saturday, 12 November 2005



Chicken Katsu with no Katsu sauce - what were they thinking?
I love reading up on all your posts on Hawaiian BBQ spots - it's almost like you're back home!


Hi Kirk,

I would have ordered two medium plates all rice then did a swap with someone else mid-bite! The kalbi looks good and too bad about the katsu sauce. Maybe next time you visit, you can bring them some of your own katsu sauce and tell them to try it so they can see how much better it is.


Hi Kathy - These Hawaiian BBQ's are everywhere.

Hi Reid - I think I'll stay away from the Katsu, but I'm actually interested in how the BBQ chicken will taste!


What is it with katsu sauce? Most of the places here in SD get it wrong. Is it me?

Passionate Eater

Your website is amazing Kirk! I just saw your posts on Yuma, and they brought tears to my eyes. I used to live in Arizona, and it is so wonderful to see the increasing Asian influence there.


Hi Jack - It's not you; it's that they follow the L&L Katsu sauce model!

Hi Passionate Eats - I love that "handle"! Thanks for stopping by and the kind words. I really had a great time in Yuma! I also spent time in Phoenix during an "earlier life", and enjoyed myself!

Island Boy

You wen kaukau at Island Boy Grill in Sorrento Valley yet?


Howszit Island Boy! That one is coming up soon!

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