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Thursday, 24 November 2005



Sticky rice in Lotus Leaf? I know that is one of your standards... but the Missus fav? Not sure. You were also missing cheong fun... Regardless, looks like your meal was outta sight!

Our turkey came out great. I brined in salt, raw sugar, star anise, cinnamon sticks, thai chilis, shaoxing wine, & soy sauce. I put the spices in the bottom of the roaster along with some water... WOW!


Hi Kirk,

How funny is that. I joined a couple of friends for dim sum today too! I was going to guess glutinous rice in mochi leaf, but Jo beat me to the punch.


*sigh* No Thanksgiving post for me. My DSL connection at home hasn't been working all day. =(


Mochi leaf?


Hi Jo - I guess you know us pretty well! I'm going to have to leave harder clues! Sounds like a great bird. I'll be needing some photo's! LOL! ;O)

Hi Reid - I hate when these connections go on the fritz, we've become so dependant on them, it feels like we've been violated! Like I commented to Jo - you Guys jusy know us to well!


That's funny--we went to Pearl for Dim Sum today. It was my first visit there. You are right about lightning fast service. We had barely taken our seats before we had food and water on the table!

Were they out of lotus leaves this week? Because all they brought was some sticky rice in overturned glass bowls.


::laughs and rolls eyes:: OH yea, it was a tough call there Kirk! Actually, I remember the sticky rice because its a fav of mine. I like it stuffed with tiny slivers of dried shitake, roasted pork, and lup cheong. ::sighs::


Yay for good deals, especially those involving food! I remember (I also cheated by reading all the other comments...) sticky rice! Ahh, wonderful stuff, dim sum sticky rice really makes for a savory, hearty meal.


HEY! Speaking of which, I've heard of but never had "sweet" or "desert" sticky rice. How bout the rest of you?


Hi Angie - We saw the lotus leaf dish on the day we went. Glutinous Rice Bowl is also a pretty standard dish, I've seen it at Emerald and Jasmine. BTW, you can ask any of the Hosts if you see something you want, and they'll try to get them for you.

Hi Jo - So how do these rate? BTW, most Thai Restaurants will have sticky rice with mango for dessert.

Hi Kathy - These came out better then I thought they would.


::tilt:: I missed something... How do the sweet one's rate? I have no idea, I've only heard of them. I was hoping someone else could expound on them. I don't care much for mango or papaya, but peach and almond maybe?


Jo - Thai sticky rice with mango is ok - they also serve it with coconut ice cream - it's not amoung my favorite things, but many people like it. Never seen it with peach, though.


I've never heard of such a thing either. But then, you know me in that department! I'm actually thinking dried apricots, peaches, and just a few bits of cherry for color, then a sprinkle of almond toffee. Must be wrapped and steamed in lotus leave like a savory sticky rice. hmmm... coconut ice cream...


Hi Jo,

I meant lotus leaf. I got Milly-fingers for a day! =P


Hi Jo - Sorry, missed your comment. Next time you have Thai Food - esp. since you can now tolerate a bit more spicy, go sample some, and let your imagination go.....

Hi Reid - We all have Milly-fingers once in a while! LOL!

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