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Friday, 18 November 2005



Pease-porridge hot.
Pease-porridge cold
Pease-porridge in the pot
30 years old!

Is that a real news story? It almost sounds like something that would appear in The Onion.


Hi Angie - I believe so. All the people named in the article are legit. So unless this issome real big hoax - I don't think this would qualify as a big hoax(it's juts oatmeal) I guess it's for real.


Sam Woo does turkey eh? That's awesome. Not that I eat turkey for Thanksgiving, but nice to know that you can get it done for a mere $15. Wonder if they're going to do it Peking Duck Style.


Wow, Thats really cool that they do turkey. I just found out ranch 99 will deep fry your turkey for you for Thanksgiving. Might have to give that a try if I am still sick. :) Happy Thanksgiving.


oh man, the fried fish with corn sauce is so awesome. you have to eat all of it right there b/c it doesn't taste right if you nuke it.


Hi Elmo - Sometimes I think the only reason we make turkey is so that we can make "jook" the day after.......

Hi Mills - Hopefull not in the same oil as the fish! LOL! Hope you're feeling better!

Hi Dylan - You're right, that's why we don't pour the whole thing over the fish immediately. It was very good; and I really don't like corn in most of my foods....


My grandma would make steamed bean curd with chicken and shrimp when the weather got "cool" back home. It was her version of chicken noodle soup. Warm, soft, salty and satisfying with a big bowl of rice. Ahhh, that makes me homesick :)


Hi Kathy - That sounds delici-yoso!!!


Hi Kirk,

Sounds like a good idea for the turkey. I hope it turns out well. Here, there are quite a number of places that serve pre-cooked turkey dinners (like Zippy's). You can pre-order then pick up your turkey and sides.

Since I will be eating dinner at home alone, I'll be making roasted turkey breast, some portuguese sausage stuffing, baked Okinawan sweet potatoes and a guava glazed ham.


Hi Reid - Thre are quite a few places that will make your Turkey here as well. I've heard the Magnolia's, does a mean Turkey. But we though this year we'd go with an Asian style. I'll be picking up the bird in a few minutes, so we'll soon see how it turns out.

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