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Tuesday, 22 November 2005



i've never had Cotija's carne asada chips/fries, but i'm a HUGE fan of them. luckily for my heart, i only allow myself the indulgence maybe once or twice a year. next time i'm down in SD, i'll have to swing my cotija's to try some! looks great!

clare eats


That was too funny Kirk! How I have missed you :) I still can't get over how orange your cheese is though! :)


Hey those look exactly like my favorite nachos in the world. The carne asada nachos in Alertos.

Love the "Heart Attack" nacho-art! yoso-creative!



I LOOOOOVE your site and it gets me hungry everytime.

Now when I pass a neon-flourescent light dingy asian joint, I don't think, hmm, that's dingy. I think WHAT WOULD KIRK DO? Would he go in and eat? Then immediately I have pictures in my mind of how this little place would look on your website.

I've never written before. But it was the Heart Attack surprise that cracked me up and led me to write to you. That was REALLY funny!


Hi Grace - Long time no hear from!Isn't funny how these places hold a special place in our heart - or at least in the arteries around them! LOL!

Hi Clare - Welcome back, I've sorely missed you as well. I hope your recovery is going well! There is alot of "orangy" cheese in the States.

Hi Elmo - Yep, these are pretty good "generic nachos". Thanks for the compliment - yoso-kind!

Hi Joanna - Thank you for stopping by, and for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed my silliness. Please comment more often!


haha kirk, funny post. what if mexican joints were to include a nutritional chart for their items? i think it would be a complete nosedive for them.

elmo, alerto's/alberto's carne asada nachos rock.


Hey, don't know if you've ever noticed, but EVERYONE dies at some point or another. I'd rather die with decent or at least interesting food in my belly than with the blah stuff that must have caused the expressions in "American Gothic"! ::grinning broadly:: There is your artistic tie in Kirk!


Hi Dylan - Can you imagine 5 digit calorie counts and triple digit fat! LOL!

Hi Jo - Just getting in touch with my "inner lipid".


I love carne asada fries! I call them "Heart Attack Fries".

They should get that guy from Super Size Me to eat nothing but these for 30 days, and see if he lives to the end of the project.


This is great! Carne asada fries--a definite high point in cross-cultural cuisine. Ranks up there with the "Pizza America" I had in Italy --pizza topped with hot dogs and french fries.

Love the artwork. You should submit this to Does My Blog Look Good in This:

(the deadline is Saturday, 11/26)


Oops, never mind, that deadline is for October posts. But do enter it in next month's contest.


Hi Kirk,

I think "HEART ATTACK" is just about right, but at least you'll "go" feeling satisfied. =P


LOL at your heart attack message. For some reason it really cracks me up when people make messages out of food.

There's a Cotija that we frequented in high school. It's in the San Carlos/Del Cerro area. I love Mexican food!

Happy Thanksgiving, Kirk!


Hi Howie - He wouldn't make it a week! LOL!

Hi Angie - I think my "artwork" should die a very quiet death! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Hi Reid - Yes, I'd like to go with a smile on my face! This sure puts a smile on mine. LOL!

Hi Beth - A most Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


In my humble opinion, the best carne asada fries in town are at Ramon's on Garnet, with Roberto's on Miramar (the one with the yellow, not red sign) being a close second. Ramon's is served with an excellent garlic hot-sauce, while Robertos' fries are crispy enough to withstand the weight of it's toppings.

La Posta in hillcrest is just about the best place for anything, but their Carne Asada Nachos are stellar.


Hi Tokyo - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I work in Hillcrest so La Posta is a regular stop - was just waiting for the chance to drop by a 4am on a Sat/Sunday morning so I could photograph the interesting characters that are there then. I like the CAB and "Cali" at Robero's. And yes, the fries there handle the toppings well.


Just came across your blog... love it! Anyway, I love the carne asada quesadillas from Cotija's. It's like the carne asada chips or fries (without the chips or fries), all rolled into a giant tortilla and grilled. It's not at all like a typical American-style quesadilla (which are always flat and mostly cheese). This one's sort of like a burrito, but grilled. I have ordered the carne asada fries and always go back to the quesadilla.


Hi Amy - Welcome and thanks taking the time out to comment! Thanks for the recommendation!

Trish Wheeler

Cotijas has to be the best mexican food in San Diego, next to the old Super Bronco (Linda Vista people know what I'm talking about). Anyway, the true experience is trying the original Cotijas in Santee. I believe it is on Mission Gorge. Of course this is the best mexican food for a taco shop, for restaurant mexican you have to go to Tio Leos!


You have to believe me, the Shrimp burrito at Cotija's is the bomb diggity. You absolutely are missing the point if you don't try it.

Most of the stuff there is excellent.

Also, if I may recommend, I love roll tacos and of all the places I have been to in San Diego, I think the best is at El Puerto Taco Shop, at the intersection of Bancroft and Troy in Spring Valley/Lemon Grove.

Course I may be biased, I love that place for some sentimental reasons too.

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