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Monday, 21 November 2005



Hi Kristy - Well it ain't Santouka, in fact nothing in San Diego even approaches Santouka..... I hope you feel better soon, it's not much fun being sick over the Holidays! Take Care!


Mmmm...thanks for the note Kirk! Hmm... you know, MS and I had Santouka last weekend at the new spot in West LA, and I'm still biased towards Ramenya. But anyhow, LOVED this place last night! It was SO crowded but we got there just in time to sit at one of the table booths. Some serious Japanese homecooking! :D Oishikatta!


i just ate there tonight, and i have to admit that before, i was a huge fan of chopstix in san diego. However, after tonight i will never go back again. My girlfriend ordered the Deluxe Nabiyaki and I ordered my usual Chicken Katsu Curry. About halfway through the meal she found a finger nail! in her soba. It was absolutely disgusting! and then, they said they would give her another bowl (as if any of us were hungry after finding the finger nail). then, they canceled just that order of Nabiyaki, and didnt have the common courtesy to cancel the entire order, which, given another restaurant, would have been first instinct. I wont ever recommend this place for anyone to eat at again, and I dont expect to ever step into the restaurant again.

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