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Monday, 21 November 2005



Kirk, that food looks so homey and yes, cozy. It definitely looks way better than the New Japan place i had written about a while ago?

Which dish tasted the best? Was the ramen good?


What time were you there--8 in the morning? I've never seen the place look so empty!

I know what you mean about it being dependable. You know exactly what you are going to get there. Almost like fast food, but homier. One nabeyaki soba for me, please!


Hi Kirk,

I can't believe it. You too?


Your detailed response on my pho thread (no pun intended) in Livejournal was much appreciated, so I clicked over here. Very nice food blog!

I used to be a big fan of Chopstix, but in the last few years the soba broth started tasting like dish water. So I'm still looking for a place that does good soba since Nozomi down the street is even worse, although they do make this Green Noodle thing that is very good.


What is the sliced meat? Looks sort of like liver or a sort of meatloaf. Green Noodle thing?!?!


Hi Dylan - The ramen was pretty good today, though the CharSiu was too dry - I enjoyed the Curry the best.

Hi Angie - We usually go at 11am, or between 2-4 in the afternoon. As you can tell, we really don't like crowds.

Hi Reid - Yes, me too! :op

Hi noromdiem - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Soba Shiru that tasted like soap, yuck, that's terrible. You know that Nozomi is a Korean owned Japanese Restaurant, right? I'll keep an eye out for you. I usually only eat Zaru-Soba, and because it's so easy, I make it myself. Please stop by often and comment, I appreciate it!

Hi Jo - I think you're looking at Japanese Char Siu? I'm not quite sure what the Green Noodle thing is either - maybe Mabel might know.


I figured that Nozomi was Korean owned since whatever they speak doesn't resemble Japanese, service there is very friendly. I forgot my wallet once and they told me not to worry about it and drive carefully! The green noodle is home made, served in a light clear broth and full of shelllfish. The bowl of green noodle is gigantic enough to feed two grown adults to bust at the seams. The other star of their menu is chirashi with vegetables, essentially a romaine salad with raw fish topping.

Inspired by your post on chashu ramen, tonight I had chashu ramen at Tajima ( which is Japanese owned. Absolutely amazing as is everything else I've had there.


Hi noromdiam - Tajima is great isn't it. The Missus loves the Okonomiyake there, and I like the Chashu Ramen, which is done Tonkotsu style....mmmm, you've made me really hungry! Chirashi is usually sashimi on Sushi Gohan(sushi rice). Tajima used to have really good Menchi Katsu.....


OK, char siu. That's it. The green noodle thing (GNT ;o)sounds pretty darn good. Now, you mention "tonkotsu" in your last comment Kirk. Was that an alternate or incorrect spelling of "tonkatsu" or is "tonkotsu" something else all together?


Hi Jo - Yes, Japanese Charsiu is very different from the Chinese Charsiu. And the "Tonkotsu" Style broth is a milky white broth for ramen, that is created by very rapidly boiling pork bones a long(like 10-12 hours)time, so that all the fatty products in the pork bones are emulsified in the broth. I know that this technique is sometimes called "deep boiling". Rather then the usual simmer that creates the usual ramen broth.


FASINATING! I think Mills was telling me of a similar cooking method in Korean cuisine. That sounds worth trying. I presume that the liquid level has to be watched very carefully OR you would have to start with a 5 gallon or better sized pot...?


Hi Jo - Yes, Deep Boiled soup is a great Korean Specialty.


...mmm...Chopstix is one of our fall back places. Cold Soba in the Summer and Nabeyaki Udon in the Winter. I also like the Crunchy Roll once in a while. I like their "Comfort Food" menu, even though most of the menu can be made at home, sometimes we all need a break.


Hi Rob - I agree, especially in the summer, when you really don't want to be in a hot kitchen. Having a nice dependable place is great.


You gotta try the crunchy roll. It's awesome.


Hi Jason - thanks for the comment and recommendation!


Probably over a year since your original post, but found this on Google maps when looking for map to chopstix for a friend.

I love chopstix and when in San Diego I always try to eat there. I love the Mabokatsudon (oishii oishii).


Ate at Chopstix tonight and just happened to stumble on this site! When I miss my mom's cooking, I go here!! I love the Hiyashi Soba in summer and most everything else the rest of the year. The only Japanese dish I fix is curry, so that is one thing I seldom order, but my son loves it and Katsu Curry is his fav.


Hi Andrew - Sorry, I missed your comment. The food at Chopstix is quite affordable, and usually pretty good.

Hi Lois - Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Hiyashi Soba/Chuka are wonderfully refreshing dishes during hot weather. Now that it's getting a bit cooler, I'm sure you'll be making more than your share of Katsu Curry!


MS and I are craving some good Japanese noodles... and I saw this post... Sorry I haven't called - I've been sick as a puppy this week. Not good company lately. :( I'll be down in SD next week too! Hopefully, we can get together with the Missus when I'm better. Thanks for this post!!! :D

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