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Tuesday, 01 November 2005



Could agree with you more...LOVE ME DAT POP-AYES CHIK'N!

Just about the tastiest fast-food chicken I know.

The BEST, I mean THE BEST Fried Chicken I've EVER HAD in MY LIFE was had at Popeyes in Detroit Michigan. Fresh, hot, crunchy coating...juicy meat and no grease residue! AMAZING! The Popeye's over here are great, but nothing can compare to that drive in I tried in suburban Detroit.


I kinda like Churches myself. These westerners mess up the biscuits somehow. I remember once in Hayward, the manager (an Indian woman) telling me that the flat discus they served "was made correctly!" HA! If she tried to pass those off in New Orleans she might have felt the wind beneath her toes. They take their biscuits seriously down there and Popeyes are as famous for their "mile high" biscuits as they are for their chicken.

Green Turtle

Popeyes usually has some great deals if you get their coupons in the mail. I think the last one I had was 16 pieces, 2 large sides, and 8 biscuits for 14.99. I usually hit the one in Tierrasanta, not too crowded and a relatively short drive from my house.

Of course, the best fried chicken place would have to be Bojangles, found mostly below the Mason-Dixon line (none in CA unfortunately). Sprinkle on their cajun seasoning, add a side of dirty rice and a big cup of sweet tea and you have the perfect meal.


I love fried chicken, and Popeyes isn't too bad, but you have to have the kimchi. It has to be the non spicy but sweet and sour radish kimchi. I cant seem to remember the name and it is so fustrating. I love popeyes spicy chicken, but I have to stay away from good food like that. My hips would spread all over this state...*shudder*


I LOVE POPEYE'S! (not to mention KFC and my local favorite - Golden Bird)... Way back when, my momma was approached to start up one of the Popeye franchises out here in LA back in the 70s... too bad she passed that one up. Lol!


I can't believe I've never been to Popeye's...though I am very fond of KFC, espcially their mashed potatoes and biscuits!


I'm proud to say I have tried Popeyes. It used to be my ex-bfs favourite place so when I visited him in St Cloud, FL. We went to the one there. To me everything smothered with gravy is good, so that place was memorable for me, even though it was 6 years ago :D
I liked the red beans and rice side too.

Milly, how did kim chi come up in a topic about fried chicken??? btw I like sweet and sour kimchi too :D


P/S aww those dogs are so cute and that was a cute analogy to fit in with your post :)

Is the last photo a pic of Sammy when little?
What sort of work do you do that requires oncall ?





Although I hardly ever eat fast food and can't stand KFC, I must confess I really liked Popeye's chicken the couple of times I tried it (years ago). I had forgotten all about them. I just did a search and saw that there are 8 located in SD Co. (mostly east of the I-15, which is probably why I haven't noticed them before). Will have to go and try soon!


My red beans and rice never make it to the refrigerator for leftovers!

Popeye's spicy chicken, kim chee and there is a meal.


Man, your dogs are living the good life! They probably get to eat fried chicken more than I do. I too love Popeye's!

Something I always thought was odd though is that I've always had really bad service at Popeye's. Not that I expect 4-star service from a fast-food joint, but the Popeye's guys act like they're working in a prison cafeteria. A smile wouldn't kill ya, you know... Maybe I'm too used to the friendly In-n-Out people.


Hi Elmo - I can tell, you like Popeye's from all those "Upper Case" letters in your comment! LOL!

Hi Jo - The biscuits at Opoeye's here taste totally saturated in some artificial butter product - though Sammy loves it! I think Church's down South, i.e. Georgia & Ark, is much better then Church's here in San Diego, though it's alot cheaper at Church's then Popeye's.

Hi Green Turtle - Yeah, I get those mailers too, though I usually just get all chicken. I go to the same Popeye's - Aero Drive.

Hi Mills - You should see the guilt associated with eating 15 pieces of chicken...... I knew you could "kim chee" into your comment somehow.

Hi Kristy - Too bad your Mom passed up on that opportunity, we'd be "Best Buddies" right now! LOL! ;o)

Hi Kathy - I actually, like the gravy at KFC, but I liked it better when KFC had rolls instead of biscuits.

Hi Rachel - Any conversation with Kim Chee in it is a good conversation! I'm a programmer/analyst for Clinical Systems at a Hospital, so we rotate call - nothing like trying to do programming at 4am in the morning! The last picture is of Frankie when we first got him.

Hi RONW - So long it isn't BARF!

Hi Angie - I think Popeye's is pretty good, though the chicken pieces sure have gotten smaller over the last few years.

Hi Jack - I think that you live pretty close to Popeye's now, right? That can be kinda scary.....

Hi Howie - Some of those guys working there look like they are on some kind of "work-release" program.


I have to confess I love those red beans and rice, in spite of the fat. Luckily there is no Popeyes in Utah so I don't get to eat them too often.



Eating kimchi ( a certain type of kimchi) is good eating with fried chicken...or roasted/broiled chicken....Oh yeah...Maybe I will have to do a post on that! :D


Yes! Kimchi and Chicken really go well together....


Hi Kayla - Welcome! And thanks for taking the time out for commenting. So no Popeye's in Utah? Would it be a crime to sneak Popeye's across the border?:o) After all the healthy food you cook on your site, I'm sure a few "guilty pleasures" are warranted!

Hi Mills - Anything and kimchee is good! I just had a kimchee pajun last night - it was great!


I'm sorry, that's Kaylyn, my darn fingers aren't obeying again! And of course Your wonderful blog:



You are right Most things with kimchi is good. Yum ;9


Hi Mills - Even Kimchee and Peanut butter sandwiches??? :ob


Oooh, I agree with Mills...I'd have kimchi with fried chicken too!

Best Popeye's I've had was on the East Coast a long time ago when I took a road trip with the folks. Them chicken and biscuits were DAMN good. I haven't had that kind of luck here in LA though. Last time I went to one was the one here in Hollywood and I thought I was gonna puke.

BTW, your dogs are TOOOO cute!

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