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Wednesday, 16 November 2005



Hi Kirk,

How interesting. I used to eat a lot of hijiki, but have slacked off in recent years. I won't let any articles stop me from eating food that I've enjoyed since I was a child.

BTW...did you hear the one about tofu and Alzheimer's in Japanese men? *sheesh*

Passionate Eater

Nowadays, I think that studies can show that eating too much of anything may jeopardize your health. It is depressing to read that stuff on sometimes.

However, after looking at your delicious bento box, I feel like eating hijiki could only make me live longer and want to eat more! Dang, how did you learn how to cook eggs so perfect like that?


Hi Reid - I agree. :o)

Hi Passionate Eater - Thanks for the compliment; but I really don't think it's perfect - but I've been amking this for most of my life, so I guess I've got alot of practice.....

Barbara Fisher

Hey, Kirk--

Actually, it is very depressing the amount of heavy metal pollution we have in our oceans, groundwater and soil, all over the world. Large predatory fish sauce as salmon and tuna have concentrations of mercury that are not healthy in them--hijiki with arsenic does not surprise me.

"Having Faith" is a book written by a scientist about her pregnancy and her experience in researching all she could about environmental effects on pregnant women, fetuses and nursing babies is both fascinating and sad.

The amount of heavy metals and other toxins in the milk of nursing mothers is growing--with unknown effects on the babies of the world.

Sad--but true.


Hi Barbara - I'll try to get ahold of the book. It is very sad....


Hi Kirk,
You're welcome regarding the links, I didn't realise they were worth publicising in your blog :) I've always been keen to try new food, especially hijiki until I read the consumer warnings -such a spirit dampener! However like you say, eating a little bit now and then shouldn't be detrimental to our health. Next time I spot this seaweed on the menu, I certainly will give it a go. Life is too short not to enjoy our food!


Sad but rectifiable! We as a planet need to "mature" our understanding of what we are supposed to do to survive WITH our earth. We are foolish in the extreme to consider for even a moment that the earth is something we can mold to our own personal desires. America's caucasion evolution (I'm a prime example here so I'm not bad mouthing anyone without standing at the front of the responsibility line) has put it at the top of the heap of fools. That said, support sustainable agriculture! Come to my house in NC and drink homemade muscadine wine and homemade sheep milk cheese!!! ;o)


Hi Anna - Thanks for commenting - I really, really, appreciate any input, and treasure comments. And I personally thought that the links you provided were very informative(they are from reputable sources), and we're all Adults and make our choices, but need to have as much info as possible in making those choices. I hope that you don't mind, because I believed the links were "food for thought" - I truly appreciated it! Thanks again, and please keep commenting, ok?

Hi Jo - Just so long that I won't need to milk a cow!


hmmm... ::grins and cocks her head:: How do you suppose I would turn cow's milk into sheep milk cheese Kirk? ::giggling:: Don't worry, I'll put you to work chasing the ducks up and down the tree alleys! Just think, this time next year, we may be doing our own hand raised birdie!

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