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Monday, 14 November 2005



Hi Dylan - You know what, I guess I'll make some more of these little side dishes - maybe Lotus Root and Gobo.......And make sure you do your REPS (Rice, Eggs, Portuguese Sausage).

Hi Rachel - There is a type of Konnyaku that doesn't require cooking called Sashimi Konnyaku that is ready to eat, it also doesn't have that strong smell.


Ah, so true! The fellow is quite right. Chorizo from Spain is significantly different from that of Mexico as well. I would be rather surprised if you were able to encounter it. The Mallorcan sausages to try (though it's doubtful you could narrow it down to that particular region) would be sobrasada (a version of chorizo) and butifaro (a blood sausage).


OH, pronounce
don't forget to roll the r a bit


LOL Jo !!! Trust you to make sure we pronounce it right :D you certainly know how to put a smile in peoples day.


Hi Rachel & Jo - It's that home-schooling thing that Jo does!


::laughing heartily:: ACK!!! If only you knew! We had our monthly teacher visit today. You want to hear something amazing? Mike, the blind man who was never taught how to read as a kid because of his dyslexia... HE is the one that reads to the boys daily, HE is the one that is teaching Robby how to read, write, and count, MIKE is the person who does all the schooling while I work to keep from drowning under a sea of paperwork. I interupt occasionally with a little project here or there, but Mike is the one who really does all the work.

AS for pronunciation... ::wink::


Hi Jo - Aaaaah so humble! LOL! Actually I have a habit of using hard "R's" - just from being Japanese I guess, serves me will with Spanish, hurts me with Mandarin!


Hey, don't sweat it Kirk, when I was trying to help my daughter with her French a few years back, my dad would tease me saying I spoke french like a spaniard! HA! At least I get respect at the Mexican grocery store! At Asian markets when I try to pronounce stuff I'm afraid everyone is going to run to the restroom at any moment they all laugh at me so hard!!!!

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