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Sunday, 16 October 2005



woo hoo! i'm the first one to post!

i didn't know we have a jollibee's in san diego!! the first one i went to was in san francisco!!

the halo halo supreme looks good!! never been a big fan of halo halo before -- this might be a first!!


Hi Annie - Man you're quick! We have two Jollibee's in the San Diego area - one in National City and the other in the Mira Mesa area:
8118E Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126
Actually someone told me of another "snack" that's really good at Jollibee - I'll let you know what it is!

clare eats

Wow that looks good!
We don't even have a filipino restaurant here *humph* or jollibees *double humph*

Glad you had a good meal!


Hi Kirk,

Although the pork leg looks good, I don't think my heart, or my arteries, can handle it! I'll leave that for you OK?

As far as the halo halo is concerned, what kind of ice cream is that next to the ube? Is it langka?


Just what goes into Halo Halo? mmm all that stuff is making me hungry ! Y'know I always read your blog around dinner time and it inspires me to cook quicker rather than laze around after work :) I would really like to try some Filipino food! I wish we had some in Sydney :( Thanks for the great descripts though kirk, I can *imagine* myself eating that stuff. Probably not a whole pata though !


So I'm guessing you didnt leave hungry. That was some feast.


Hi Clare - I think it's a good thinh that this restaurant is like 15-20 miles away. :o)

Hi Reid - How do we say it? "Mo' fo' me, la'dat". LOL! I think the Missus said it was Durian, not Jackfruit ice cream, next to the Ube.

Hi Rachel - Halo-halo is a Filipino dessert, that comes in different forms but usually consists of ice, preserved sweet bean, ice cream(ube & either langka or durian), milk, leche flan (something like custard), and other good stuff. I'm surprised that there aren't many Filipino Restaurants in Oz; but then again, there aren't many in Hawaii either.

Hi Mealcentric - No, we didn't leave hungry....


Oh man...that was an awesome ode to the pata! My mouth is watering even as my chest is constricting!


Sort of like carnitas... ::looks around for tortillas & salsa:: Jollibee's in San Francisco? Where? MILLS! Here's another place we just gotta gotta! Rachel, Clare, I'll have to send you guys my Chicken Adobo recipe. It's a regional version that uses coconut milk. It is SO excellent. However; it causes dogs to beg at the table even though they know better. I have know idea what the effect might be on a Kiri... umm... Kitty... ;o)


Hi Jo - Except with the skin still on and with all that gelatin.... I still don't really know what the big deal is with Jollibee, but the Missus likes the Halo-Halo there.....


Hi Elmo - An "ode to pata"? I wish I was as creative as you are....I woulda used that in my title!


Man, that's a lot of Crispy Pata!!!!! Sure looks good. Love that stuff. I have the same reaction you have with each bite. Guilt, but then logic takes over. In the end, I figure it's only once in a while, so I end up eating the whole thing with a smile. Got to dip it in the sauce. What combination of flavor with the crispy skin!!! I had the craving for it last week, but a new place I tried in Kalihi wasn't that good. In fact I took a couple bites and dumped it. No flavor at all. When you have a chance to come home, you've got to try the Crispy Pata at Mililani Golf Course Restaurant. Great stuff. Since I throw the other one away, I guess I own myself another this weekend/next. LOL!!!


oh dear, I would have gladly polished off that Pata for you...and the halo halo! I haven't had any Filipino food since leaving Hawaii but it appears that there's an abundance of good Filipino food near you! Cheer's to a delicious meal!Why is it that I get SO hungry after reading every one of your posts?!


Hi Lance - Wow, Mililani Golf Course for Pata, huh? Well ,I've got to give it a try when I'm home. It is quite an amazing dish, all the textures, from a simple leg!

Hi Kathy - You know, I've had more Filipino Food in San Diego than anywhere else, even more than "back home". I really don't know why, National City, Mira Mesa, and Chula Vista are at least 15-20 miles away, but I actually crave this stuff....


Mmm, pork fat...

Damn that crispy pata looks good!!!


$19!!! how many do you get for that? where's the garlic and vinegar, the lechon sauce? they could at least throw that in on the side. still, it looks durned good. the best pata here on the island is at a driving range, i'll have to post a photo for you sometime.


Hi Pam - Pork fat rules!!!!LOL!

Hi Santos - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, Villa Manila is one of the more expensive Filipino Restaurants, but also makes a really good Pata - it's a whole Pata, most places only sell a "Half Pata" and are priced $9.00 and up. It's actually a good thing it's not cheaper, we'd eat it alot more often! LOL! I'd like to see a pic of a Pata. No lechon sauce - that's liver sauce, right? It came with the soy-vinegar and garlic vinegar.


Hi Reid - Correction it is Langka on the Halo Halo!

lechon man

where can I purchase the best whole roasted lechon(PIG) near or in los angeles, california. Need it for a party. anyone have any ideas?


Thank you! Now I am absolutely starting to salivate! i love pata!!! Ang Sarap! Tuesday I am going to cook some...ok...maybe ALOT!!!
I even eat with my hands! It's the only way...Kumain Tayo!

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