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Wednesday, 19 October 2005



**First to post yaay!**
Hi Kirk ! Looks like those noodles keep falling into the wrong hands. I am sure if you got a hold of some you could coach them to their full potential and help them to acheive the purpose they were called for on this earth. :) The textures does sound dreamy. Pity about the other let downs. Wow the teriyaki one did sound very salty. scary!


There's nothing quite like good saimin noodles. One of the places I miss most back home is Jimbos! It's crazy how food is so powerful in its potential to conjure up the most wonderful memories!


Hi Rachel - Yes, the first!!! Wow, that sauce was really salty! But I really like those noodles, so I may try to purchase some from them.

Hi Kathy - Food and scents, do amazing things. Sometimes I'll walk pass a Cypress, and the smell will get me walking pass the Cafeteria on my first day of school!


diesel... the smell of diesel exhaust from a passing truck... ::sigh::


Hi Kirk,

Too bad it wasn't good. *sigh*


Hi Jo - Diesel exhaust???

Hi Reid - I had gotten my hopes up for this one, all for naught.


Hi Kirk - Was the ramen there better than Tajima? I don't know if I'd rather have good noodles or a good broth - hopefully we can find the best of both worlds in one!


Even before I read your review and saw the photos, I got the impression that the noodles would have been too salty. Too bad. The place looks pretty nice.


Hi Candice - IMO the ramen is better at Tajima, and I guess I'm sticking with Tajima and Chopstix, unless I find a better noodle house. Restrospectively, I maybe should have just ordered a Shoyu Ramen.

Hi Elmo - The place is nice and gives off a good vibe. And I guess you're right, I look at the picture of the Yakisoba, and you can tell it's been over-dressed.


Great report, as usual. Don't you hate it when a place has all of the potential in the world and you want it to be great, but it just doesn't deliver! :( At least you found a good place to buy noodles.


That's too bad about the tonkotsu ramen (one of my faaavorite things in the whole wide world...). Your photo made it look good though!


Hi Beth - Yes, I guess it's all about the noodles here....but unfortunately, I don't live on noodles alone.

Hi Pam - You bring up a good point! I take all of my photo's before I taste my food. Maybe I should figure out a way to do taste-a-photo-ism....


::laughs softly:: Yep, deisel exhaust... puts me in Spain. The best food on a consistant basis, Spain... ::sigh::


hello I have been a customer of Teri Cafe in Oceanside for over 15 years and love the food and finally one in san diego their ramen and teriyaki Chicken plates are one of the best i have had in all san diego. Definetely speaks for its self go try. Even the Union Tribube did an article on them


Hi Brian - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm glad you enjoy the food at Teri Cafe, and I'm sure they appreciate the loyalty. For me, they have excellent noodles, but the teriyaki, and evrything else was not to my taste. In fact, I've thought of purchasing just noodles from them.

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