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Tuesday, 25 October 2005



Hi Kirk,

Interesting history there. It's been a while since I've been to San Diego. In fact, I think that it must be at least 5 years or so. I don't remember every walking around downtown for some reason. I just remember the border and a 24-hour donut shop near my friend's apartment in Chula Vista. She lived right next door to a Mall that had a Long's Drug store!

I like that old diner. Kind of reminds me of Bert's without all the clutter.


Hi Kirk,

That was a really nice walking tour. Its good to play tourist in your own town sometimes isn't it? Looks like you got a lot crammed into one morning. Lots of interesting buildings there.
Do the farmers market stalls open late? its interesting that there were only 2 stalls when you walked there. At least your "kids" got to benefit :D
Is diner corned beef nice?


Nice stroll. Did you take Sam and Frank with you?


Hi Reid - It is interesting, I rarely ever go to the Gaslamp - though that's where many of the Popular/Trendy restaurants are. It's usually jam-packed with people, especially during the Summer and Weekends. But after reading that pamphlet, I thought I'd check it out. Sun Cafe was kinda "Bert-ish".

Hi Rachel - Maybe I got it wrong, there were only 2 produce stalls, the rest were selling crafts, or cooked food (crepes, carne asada), or other food products, like nuts. Diner Hash, is usually pretty good, especially if they make it with a nice crust.

Hi RONW - I don't think you'd want to see Sammy & Frankie inside of a diner! Plus they're really funny - they don't like to be wet. Go figure!


Just curious...was the hash fresh or from a can?


Hi Pam - The Corned beef was from a can - but this wasn't Alpo, oops, ahem, the canned corned beef hash, if that's what you're asking! ;o)


I love this type of weather. Perfect for eating and sleeping!

I've never seen streets so empty of traffic! You must have taken a really early morning walk!

Thanks. That was a great post. A slice of life in SD.

I should do one of Irvine. Of course, it would not be at all interesting.


Hi Elmo - Well it seems the Gaslamp is really late to wake on Sundays, everybody's still recovering from all the partying the night before. You sure are right about the weather, I'm having problems waking in the morning. I'm sure you can find something really interesting about Irvine!


Wow back in college my friends and I use to dine here for breakfast, when the Gaslamp had a grittier feel to it. Brings back a lot of memmories....lots of coffee and their breakfast specials.


Hi Jack - It had a real "old school" feel to it, real diner food.

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