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Sunday, 02 October 2005




Oh thank you!!!! :D


Hi Lance,

The only place that I've had the xiao long bao was at Shanghai Bistro. The prices there are quite high. I'm planning a write up on the place shortly.

You can try niu rou mein at KC Kitchen in the Chinatown Cultural Plaza. The soup is spicy, though not as thick as looking as the one in Kirk's photo.


Hi Lance - Well, let me know how it comes out!

Hi Mills - No problemo! I never thought that Wined Chicken would be so interesting to everyone.

Hi Reid - I had seen Shanghai Bistro on your "list" so I'm looking forward to your report.



Well I love new recipes to try, and the wine marinated chicken looks so good.Thank you so very much!


Hi Mills - I hope it turns out well.


thanks for this review!! i have been thinking about eating wine/drunken chicken for awhile -- wasn't sure where to get them here though!!

a visiting friend of ours was also asking about soup dumpling in san diego, so now i know where to go for them!!


Hi Annie - Not too many places for XLB in San Diego, you can try Dumpling Inn as well to compare. I never knew that Wined Chicken was so popular/interesting!

Andy 食神

Kirk, I did a xlation of hte menu for the San Diego Chinese Language meetup group about a month and a half ago based on your pictures. I susequently visited the restaurants a few weeks later. Good food I must say.

Cold dishes, liang cai 凉菜
1. Shaosing Drunken chicken 绍兴醉鸡 3.75
shao xing jui zi

2. ?Husband/wife? (beef) lung slices夫妻肺片 5.75
fu qi fei pian

3. Cold rice noodle sheets凉拌粉皮
lian ben fen pi

4. Jellyfish with scallion oil 葱油海蜇
cong you hai zhe

5. Pressed marinated tofu 油豆干 1.95
you dou gan

Column 2
1. Fragrant steamed bun ??? 香干马兰头 4.75
xiang gan ma lan tou

2. 1000 Year & egg tofu 皮蛋豆腐 3.75
pi dan dou fu

3. Suzhou style smoked fish 苏式?鱼 4.75
su shi ??? yu

4. Garlic Pork hock (loaf) slices?? 蒜泥白肉 4.75
suan ni bai rou ? almost like a head loaf I believe..

Column 3
1. Vegetarian Duck, 素鸭 4.75
su ji

2. Duck with sauce, 酱鸭
jiang ya

3. Can?t read whole thing 酱顺风??
jiang shun feng??

4. Garlic paste sea.. something.. 蒜茸海
suan rong hai??

Stirfried Dishes

Column 1
1. Stirfried Prawns鲜竹虾球 9.95
xian zhu xia qiu

2. Something oil hard tofu 油鲜见豆腐 8.95
?? you dou fu jian dou fu

3. Spiced salt sole fillets 椒盐龙利片 8.95
jiao yan long li pian

4. Something fish fillets 豆??鱼片 9.95

5. Fish and pinenut soup ?? 松仁鱼米 9.95
song ren yu mi ? I think I?ve had this before?. either in Zhejiang province or in LA. They take the fish paste and make tiny jelly bean size fish balls with it and put in soup.

Column 2
1. Spicy salt frog (legs) 椒盐田鸡 12.95
jiao yan tian ji ? literally spicy salt ?farm chicken?

2. Stirfried frog (legs) 生炒田鸡 10.95
sheng chao tian ji

3. Taro and duck clay pot 香芋鸭煲 7.95
xiang yu ya bao

4. Crispy fried duck 香酥鸭 7.95
xiang su ya

5. Water cooked beef 水煮牛肉 7.95
shui zhu niu rou

6. Yellow chive fish fillet 韭黄鱼片 9.95
jiu huang yu pian

Andy 食神

though, when I went there, the menu had changed.

Menu 2,

Saturday, Sunday ? Special priced lunch
星期六,日 ,特价午餐
xing qi liu, ri, te jia wu can

Column 1

1. Shanghai fried rice cakes 上海炒年糕
shanghai chao nian gao

2. Shanghai style thick fried noodles 上海粗炒面
shanghai cu chao mian

3. Snow cabbage pork noodles 雪菜肉丝面
xue cai rou si mian

4. Oil (tender) tofu and vermicelli soup油豆腐粉丝 面
you dou fu fen si mian

5. Dry stirfried beef flat rice noodles 干炒牛河
gan chao niu he

6. Bokchoy dumplings (boiled) 白菜水饺
bai cai shui jiao

7. Beef noodle soup牛肉面
niao rou mian

8. Eel paste noodle soup鳝糊面
shan hu mian

9. Shangdang soup(双挡汤)
shangdang tang

10. Shanghai cold noodle 上海凉面
shanghai liang mian

11. Shanghai pinenut cake 上海松糕
shanghai song gao

Column 2
1. Rice cake stirfried with mustard greens 芥菜炒年糕
jie cai chao nian gao

2. Rice Cake stirfried with snow cabbage 雪菜炒年糕
xue cai chao nian gao

3. Wonton soup with mustard greens 芥菜云吞汤
jie cai yun tun tang

4. Shrimp wonton soup 虾肉云吞汤
xia rou yun tun tang

5. Sesame rice ball soup 芝麻汤圆
zhi ma tang yuan

6. Asian chive dumplings (boiled) 韭菜水饺
jiu cai shui jiao

7. Spicy (beef) noodle soup 辣肉面
la rou mian

8. Eight treasures rice 八宝饭
ba bao fan

9. Zhajiang sauce noodles 炸酱面
zha jian mian

10. Potstickers 锅贴
guo tie

11. Stinky tofu 臭豆腐
chou dou fu


Hi Andy - nice work. Also, the prices have gone up.


I was wondering if anyone knew if i could order from this place for take out and if the special weekend menu items were also offered for late night like the niao rou mian and XLB....looking for a late night chinese place and i know this place is open late but i dont want to make the trip or call them only to realize all the items i want are not offered during late night, thanks


Hi Peter - We've had mixed results when ordering Niu Rou Mein late night, sometimes they have it and sometimes they don't. Also the prices are higher. We have ordered it to go, maybe the best strategy is to call ahead - 619-278-5883. They've always had XLB, but again it's more expensive than weekend breakfast.
Also please remember they are closed on Tuesdays. I hope I've been helpful.


thanks so much, i was afraid i wasn't going to get an answer in time for tonight, i will definately call them

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