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Sunday, 02 October 2005


clare eats

That all looks great. Love soup dumplings!


Niu Rou Mein and Xiao Long Baos - you had all my favorites! I'll never get over the novelty of soup inside the dumpling wrappers.


mmm!! You outdid yourself for the pics on this blog and its descripts kirk ! my tummy is rumbling ! I love xiao long bau but mostly its for the red vinegar ginger sauce that makes the pork and soup inside the dumpling so sweet. I can't decide which I like better the hong kong "boon tong gau" (half soup dumpling) where the soup is kinda outside the dumpling or this better ! And you touched on a fave with me with the niu rou mein. Again, I am more familiar with "ngao lam mein" where there is lots of tendon and a strong five spice flavour but not so much the sweet chilli flavour. and I haven't had that wine marinated chicken in years !!! you've made me very hungry !! :P~


Wow, that wine marinated chicken sounds great. I gotta learn how to read chinese so I can order from the specials menu and not the gringo menu.


Hi Clare - XLB is delici-yoso!!! :o)

Hi Kathy - I never had Niu Rou Mein until I moved to the mainland, now it's one of my favorite dishes, especially duting the winter!

Hi Rachel - Ngao Lam Mein? I've got to have the Missus find that for me! Maybe you can do post on those things.

Hi Mealcentric - Actually I've found some of those dishes on the English Menu - but it's hard to pick out when there are like 250 items. I also crack up at how some of the menu items are translated; they really don't sound appetizing sometimes. The chicken was better than expected, though that first bite was a bit of a surprise!


That chicken really sounds interesting. I'm gonna have to try that since it also sounds rather simple...


Love this place! My favorites are the Ti Pang(braised pork shoulder) and the Nian Gao(sauteed rice cake). A dish that we always specially request is Ma Lan Tou - it's a cold appetizer dish.


Hi Jo - I've emailed you the recipe.


Hi Candice - We do too, I don't know why, when I recommend this place, people look at me like I've lost my senses?


Maybe the buffet turns some people off? Or they are used to the Cantonese cuisine that is more common here? I was in Shanghai a few months ago and this is the only place that satisfies my craving for these dishes!


Yummy. Never had that chicken dish, but it sounds amazing. Is this similar to Drunken Chicken? I've had that once before and it was unbelievable!

Green Turtle

If XLBs are 5.95 now, then they've raised their prices because they used to be 4.95. East Pearl used to have them as well at 4.25 but they've since closed and their location turned into Golden City. Other favorite noon-time weekend dishes at SC to try:
Shanghai thick stir-fried noodles (pronounced "tsu tsao mien")
Deep fried pocket full of egg/rice noodle/vegetable ("jo tsai huh-dze")
Their Shanghai style shu-mai which is bigger than the dim-sum cantonese style, and it's full of sticky rice, mushrooms, and bits of sausage meat


Hi Candice - It's combination of all of the above - I think even the basic Cantonese stuff tastes fine. But even those that "know" Chinese food often look at me like I'm crazy - until I tell them what I order, and they try it...

Hi Elmo - Don't know, never had "Drunken Chicken" or maybe I did but under a different name?

Hi Green Turtle - Sounds like everybody has their favorites here. Did you notice that the restaurant gets very little publicity?


Green Turtle - Many restaurants I've been to recently have started raising their prices - maybe the cost of fuel? But yes, the XLB is now $5.95.


Hey Green Turtle, those rice dumplings sound awesome. With all these names and pronunciations, maybe I can make a list, print it out, and take it to a restaurant to help explain what I want...


Hi Jo - Make sure you take them to a Shanghainese restaurant; most Cantonese Restaurants won't have them.

clare eats

I have the biggest hankering for Yum Cha now! ARGH!


Hi Clare - Well you need to get some ASAP!


kirk, that nuromian actually looks VERY GOOD. i'm going to be doing a review soon on discovering the best SGV nuromian. i cannot find anything good around here. i've been to nearly all the taiwanese/chinese places, and the taste is never consistent b/c of management changes. great review kirk.

Green Turtle

I've been wondering if there are any places that sell frozen XLBs. I know you can buy them in places in LA. I checked 99, Thai Long, and places like that but did not find any that compare in quality to the restaurants. Orchid in RB used to sell 20 frozen for $6 but they've since closed. I would love to just come home from work and steam up some XLBs.

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