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Sunday, 09 October 2005



When you are going to open a store in the way West Valley of the Phoenix Metro area?
I'm dyin here!


Hi Kathryn - I wish I could provide some aid for you in some way. But I'm not affiliated with 99 Ranch in any way. I'm just a humble food-blogger!

Leslie Arvai

Please let me know your address in San Diego. Thanks.


Hi Leslie - I'm assuming that you want the address of 99 Ranch here it is:

7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111

jeffrey C

Kirk, I always wondered what those stalks were. I always thought they were wasabe roots. Anyways, the wife and I were just talking about our nice meeting at the 99 market with you when we were in San Diego.
Phoenix's 99 got sold and became King's.


Hi Jeffrey - Yes, they kinda look like wasabi, don't they? I really had a great time....I hope we're able to do it again. I remember when 99 Ranch Market had just opened in Phoenix, and that shopping mall was brand spanking new....they didn't last very long, did they?


Hey Kirk,
New reader of your blog here.
Hey, what's up with the title of your post, "Relaxing at Ranch 99...", and you refer to it in the body of your blog as 99 Ranch?
Just was wondering of the inconsistency, minor idiom, that I have.
It's funny because my daughter attends UC Davis and the majority of Northern California folks call it Ranch 99. It bugs the heck out of her and she actually gets into verbal fighting matches. ;-p Gets it from her mom...ahem.
Anyways, of what I've read, you've got a great blog. I so enjoy it.
Happy Kau-Kau!


Hi Shirley - Welcome and thanks for taking the time out to comment. I did that to give equal time to both parties....I'm glad you noticed - it's kind of an "inside joke" between Cathy and Myself.

ruby barnard

this is one of the best most popular Asian market in san Diego California I went here back in 2004 and then 2 years later I went to a similar Asian market called world foods off of el Cajon Blvd. they don't have Chinese restraunts and meat delis like 99 ranch but they both stink.

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