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Monday, 24 October 2005



Hi Lori - I hope things turn out well for you!


Kalua pig and cabbage!


hey kirk...not sure where to post this as there's not many PORK recipes on your site but any attempts with OKINAWAN SHOYU PORK? ever had the shoyu pork from Ige's here in honolulu? came across this recipe and boy is it good...just like the real thing! check out i've experimented with different shoyu but the best result was with ALOHA shoyu. hope it works for you should you give it a shot!


additional comment: if you've never had the shoyu pork from Ige's, it's sliced into about 3/16-inch slices, pretty thin for pork butt (which is normally pretty hard to slice when fully cooked without it end up being shredded)...the key is not to cook the boneless pork butt fully and REFRIGERATE before slicing. i also tie the BONELESS pork butt with cotton twine before the first "parboil" cooking so it will keep it's shape and make slicing easier. also, i like to garnish with more chopped green onions when serving. oops...the most important need the fat that pork butt is known for! some co-workers made it with pork loin and it didn't turn out as good.


Hi ahfook - I believe you're referring to Rafute, I've had that many times growing up since our neighbors were Okinawan. Good stuff! In fact, the preparation is not unlike Buta Kakuni. Thanks for the link to the recipe.


hey kirk...guess this is the "local" rafute as there's no awamori in it (expensive stuff!). Ige's catering is quite popular at funerals and other large, catered-events here, and their shoyu pork is always a hit. even though they sell plate lunches at their place in aiea, it's never on their daily's a catered-only item.


Hi ahfook - Yeah, I don't think the pork my neighbors made had awamori or even sake in it. Back then, folks couldn't even afford, or find mirin.


Looks fabulous! Will brining the pork butt in salt, water and liquid smoke overnight work for a more steeped in flavour since we can't do it in the ground?


Hi Ujwala - I'm thinking that it might make the smoke flavor a bit too strong, though you can try it and let me know. The way I'd approach anything like that would be to make it "straight up" first and then make the adjustments.

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