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Wednesday, 12 October 2005



Ah! Looks like it turned out lovely! Maybe you should open up your own noodle shop. I'm glad you got a chance to try it out. I should probably give it a try again. It's been over a year since I made it.

Thanks for the tip on tenderizing the meat. I'll definitely give it a try next time.

clare eats

looks yummy Kirk, pity about the noodles :p


Hi Howie - Thanks again for your Grandmother's recipe! I'll probably make this several more times over the winter - need to find some better noodles.

Hi Clare - Hope you're feeling better! It was pretty delici-yoso!!!


Kirk! Oishi-sou ne?! Mmm...thanks Howie for your family recipe! :)


Wow! I've always had Niu Rou Mein in restaurants but never once considered making it myself - good job, it looks pretty delicious to me!


kirk, i love the color of the broth and 'stockiness' of it. how did you get it so beefy?


mmm kirk that soup looked sooo good! Wish my hubby could cook! your wife is v. lucky! I absolutely love niu rou mein will definitely try that recipe of yours sometime. Thanks for the pics too! cute modern art!


Hi Kirk,

Congratulations on making this. I have a recipe for it given to me by a Taiwanese guy that I have yet to try. You've inspired me, so I will try it soon.


Hi Kristy - Hai, Zettaini sou desu!

Hi Kathy - It's pretty simple, and really filling.

Hi Dylan - I added 1 qt beef stock, and the dark soy, as well as the deglazing step create the color of the broth. Creating the "chili oil" by browning in oil also helps create color. BTW, your looks great too!

Hi Rachel - What you see is the limit of my "artistic ability", maybe early finger-painting. I'd say this dish came out pretty well - only lasted 3 meals!

Hi Reid - Thanks! It's really the Taiwanese who made this popular in the States, so that recipe must be pretty good!


taiwanese style NRM is great. thanks for the info kirk. this was fun.

if we open up a NRM shop... i think it'd be a good idea to provide atleast 7-8 types of NRM, from each province in china. kinda how Noodle World in Alhambra does chinese, vietnamese and thai food.


I envy you having time to cook and enjoy the fruit of your labor. Cooking is such a relaxing and rewarding hobby. I remember when I used to have time. Now I just eat sh$tty food in the office.
The soup looks delish and though I know it doesnt taste at all like beef stew (Irish style), it sure looks similar.


Hi Dylan - 7-8 types of Niu Rou Mein -I'd say you're a Niu Rou Mein-iac! This was fun, great idea.

Hi Mealcentric - You're absolutely right. Cooking when you really don't have to cook is very relaxing. Very observant point, I think all types of beef stew start in a similiar fashion, it's just the seasonings that differ. I start my "Local style" beef strw in almost the same way.

Beth - The Zen Foodist

LOL at your happy/sad faces. Too cute!


Hi Beth - Thanks, just fooling around a bit! Actually I started this about 90 minutes before the telecast of the USC game, checked it between quaters, checked and adjusted the flavor at half time. After the game I went out and did some errands, and then came home and ate - who said Men can't multi-task? :o)


I've never had this before. It looks amazing! I'll have to try it in a restaurant first and then see if I can duplicate it with your recipe! Great work Kirk and Dylan!


Simply amazing Kirk! Ooooh, I just got an idea for a new post... I should try both of your recipes and do a Battle of the NRM cookoff in my own kitchen. Whose cuisine will reign supreme? Ha ha


elmo, you've gotta try it. since you're in irvine, try A&J on walnut/jeffrey... next to O'Shine cafe. jeez i hope it's still there, it's been 4 years since i grad'd from UCI. Ask for the beef noodle soup. I don't know how it tastes now, but it was pretty good then. Also try the potstickers (Guo Tieh).


Hi Elmo - Looks like Dylan's found a place in your neck of the woods! Good Luck!

Hi Pam - Thanks, but it's just noodle soup! If you do Battle NRM - remember to play both parts, with full costume, I'm sure you can pull it off! Also, you need a "Chairman" and 3 judges! Volunteers anyone!

Hi Dylan - Thanks, man!


ummm... That do look yummers. I shy away from Asian style beef stews because the ones I've tried use fatty meats. I really detest the texture of fat. I'm going to have to give this one a shot. Could one use a dry noodle? If so, which one?


Hi Jo - Well, with this you can choose you cut of meat so that should be no problem. You can use dry noodles, maybe a Shanghai Style thicker noodle, no egg noodles please! But mainly it's up to you.

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