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Saturday, 29 October 2005


clare eats

I still haven't managed to find any hawaiian stuff here, they probably don't import it at all :(


Hi Clare - I dunno, I'll check for a bit. I'd love to have you try poi! And did you ever make poke?


I'm gonna try poi one of these days. I ALMOST tried Vegemite a while back, but at $5 a jar, I had to put it back... =o(


Hi Jo - Poi's really pretty good tasting. I think it's the texture that kinda freaks people out.


Guava jelly! Oh that sounds so good. Hmmm Yeah the texture can freak people out on the poi. I don't remember if I liked it or not. Well I guess I will have to try some again! :D


Hi Mills - Yes, I guess you'll have to...


Isn't it great to have all of this stuff so close to us? My cousin that just moved to Temecula was down and bought his supply of Aloha Shoyu and portugese sausage for the house at the market.


Hey Jack - Yes, we're pretty much getting everything we need - just need good Ogo, some Chili Pepper Water, and I think we may be almost set!


WOW! poi!!! that is so awesome!! thanks for the post!! i'm so excited! i do miss the saimein too... i think you can make decent minute cake noodle with these noodles! i'll have to see!


Hi Annie - That was my response as well!


Hey Kirk,

You're lucky that you can get all of that stuff in San Diego. When I lived in both New York and Miami, I couldn't find so many of these things. I'd have to lug them back with me.


Hi Reid - I found the Poi to be a surprise.


OMG! I don't really know who you are, But all I know is that I LOVE YOU!!!! LOL GAWD! I have been DYING for poi! I'm so tired of paying the 40.00 overnight delivery fees for ups, just to get poi!! I'm going to check out this place this weekend!! Thanks so much!! Is it like Marukai, where you need a membership? Thanks again!!


Hi angelic - Welcome and thanks for commenting. First Korean is just a mostly Korean Market on Convoy. I guess you were looking for poi, right? If you purchase any from there, let me know how it "held up".


hey so i was just searching the internet to see if i could order me some hawaiian foods online because im stuck in the middle of iowa and i miss my foods from back i have came across this i am amazed at everything from the guava jelly(which by the way is my favorite..!!) to the aloha shoyu..and portuguese sausage and poi..oh my goodness do i need to get all of the above..haha..but i was just wondering if there is anyway possible for me to order things and have them delivered via U.P.S or FedEx or something..because i cannot take this midwest food any me please..thanks a lot..aloha


Hi Bruddah Pono - I'm sure many know betta' den me, 'cause I live in SoCal, and can go to Marukai, or wea-eva' and get what I need....


Aloha Shoyu does online stuff:

You can get Purity Portagee Sausage from of all places Zippy's online(go figa'):

Some people I know wen order from DCL:

Hooo, my head stay itai-no from all dis tinking - I'll post if i rememba moa, ok?


I'm looking for ahi poke... anyone know of any places in san diego that make it fresh?


Hi sdtigergirl..they have it at the new (and only)Bristol Farms in the UTC area. Spicy and 'plain'.


Aloha people, I moved here in SD in '99. My bruddah was living in Oxnard and he told me "eh, gotta have hawaiian kine stuff ovah hea. He figgah gotta have where da oriental sto'ahs stay. So us went go check um out and I no believe, we came across FKM and had mo' poi ovah deya den get in hawaii. People always ask me if I miss da food. I tell um no cuz can get um here. But I do miss talking broken english and having someone understand me. Spock u latahs!


okay- so I got "Chicken Alice's" great
Wings recipe-- BUT, can't make it!!
(Those wings have no equal, miss them)
--Need her (non)secret ingredient:

(made in Honolulu)

Anyone know ANYWHERE in S.D. I can buy it???

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