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Sunday, 23 October 2005



get it together or get packing...


when i saw this was to be a multi-part posts my first reaction was "wow, how big is this meal? how much can kirk pack in in one sitting?!" i'm glad to see it's a several meal assessment!


Hi Mealcentric - Man you're tough!

Hi Santos - So that's what it's come to, huh? To see what I can digest? LOL! Sorry to disappoint! But I once ate a Fressor......


Hi kirk! I've been away but glad to be able to catch up on all your happenings. I love hot and sour soup. We can get knorr brand powdered "just add and egg" kind in the asian supermarts here and i love the extra spicy kind. Have you ever tried that? That pork chop looked very lacking but glad it wasn't all that expensive. Can't wait to see aht part 2 and 3 brings ;)



Hot and Sour soup is one of my favourite soups. When ,ade well I will eat it to the last molecule! Yum Yum. I can't wait for your next post.



Can't wait to see what unfolds in Part 2 and 3. I wonder if it will turn out like mealcentric's recent Memphis review, where it started as bad experience and ended well.


Hi Rachel - Welcome back, hope you're doing well. Hot & Sour soup is so easy to make I just make it from scratch - didn't know that Knorr had an instant brand, that is kinda interesting. Golden City used to be known for inexpensive Chinese food.

Hi Mills - The Hot and Sour soup was the best thing about the dish, it was perfectly balanced.

Hi Elmo - Stay Tuned!!! :o0

Green Turtle

I went by there this past Sat at around 12:30pm. The place was empty, no customers. It looks like they do need to get their act together, or at least offer a better lunch menu on the weekends. I was disappointed to see the prices go up so much compared to when they were at their Convoy St location. The old location did alot of good weekend business with their dim sum. They really need to entice customers to come back on weekends, especially since their new location is "off the beaten path". Now if they offered Sam Woo prices and selection, that place would be packed. So after deciding not to go into a completely empty restaurant, I went to the little taco shop (Gallegos) in the same strip mall and got a delicious huge carnitas burrito for $3.25 which included free salsa and chips.


Hi Green Turtle - You're right, to me the death-knell of the old Golden City sounded when they stopped serving Dim Sum & went with that lousy Buffet. It now looks like their more set to the Mon-Fri lunch business.

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