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Thursday, 13 October 2005



I've experienced this scenario a couple time myself. Very disappointing. I'm willing to bet dollar to a dime that it will be just as bad next time, maybe even gone completely... Hope I'm wrong.

clare eats

There is nothing worse than being let down by an old fav, you just go in none the wiser, not on the prowl or cautious then BAM a crappy meal :P so sorry you had to put up with that


Hi Jo - We'll see in a few wekks.

Hi Clare - Yeah, this was a let down - bummer....


Have you tried Pearl in Rancho Bernardo? Many people seem to agree that it's better than any of Convoy dim sum places. If Emeralds continues their lousy streak, you should head up to RB.


Hi Mabel - I went to Pearl when it first opened, I think in '04, and thought it was just ok at that time....but, I'm wondering, since Pearl and Emerald have the same owner, maybe all the Chefs have moved over to Pearl during the time that Emerald was closed?


Hmm, maybe they have! The first time I went was this past Feb, and I have been 4 or 5 times so far. I thought all the dishes were better there than at Emeralds. Give Pearl another try and let us know what you think!


Hi Mabel - Thanks, that's a great suggestion....I think I'll do just that.


It stinks when one of your old standby's goes downhill. Being almost empty on a Friday lunch is *really* weird. I could swear it used to be packed on most lunch workdays. Maybe people didn't know it was back open.

I'll cross my fingers and hope that it's just a temporary drop in quality.


Like Mabel, I've been to Pearl in Rancho Bernardo about 3 times this year. While I can't say whether it is better than Emerald (never been), I can say I was pleased with the quality of the food (and they view of the fake lake).



I am so sad you had a bad experience at an usually good standby restaurant. I have gone through things like that too, and it is quite dissapointing. The pictures looke really good, and too bad my favourtie was terrible ( the Cheong Fun). Well hopefully the second time will be the charm. They are scape goating and lame to say that it is better on the weekend. They should try to be good as many days of the year as possbile. *shakes head*


Hi Howie - Well, we'll see in a few weeks.....

Hi Elmo - OK, that's two votes for Pearl - don't get up "North" that often, but I'll get there soon. I was surprised at how empty the place was!

Hi Mills - Hopefully just a little blip!


kirk, the food actually looks decent, but so did that NRM from that shandong restaurant you reviewed. i typically don't go for dim sum on weekdays.

Green Turtle

It's just not fair that we in SD pay more for lower quality food than our counterparts 70 miles north. Case in point: Seafood Village in Rowland Heights (off 60 & Nogales St) has excellent dim sum at better prices ($2 for "small") as well as some really good deal lunch specials ranging from 4.25-6.95. If only we can get more asians to move down here from up there and open up restaurants so there'd be more competition here.



Been that you are "there", but originally from "here", you'd know. A little off the subject, but I think I've been calling the Cheong Fun wrong all this time or do people in Hawaii call it Look Fun roll? Like in Char Siu/Shrimp Look Fun roll?


Hi Dylan - Yes, looks are sometimes deceiving...

Hi Green Turtle - You got that right. We lived in Rowland Heights for almost 5 years before moving to SD in 2001 - I still remember all the great lunch specials. It's just that the cost of transport/rent/materials is alot more here too! But in a competitive environment we win.

Hi Lance - I actually use both interchangeably, it's just that if I use Look Fun here on the mainland no one knows what I'm talking about.


Hey kirk,

I think food in the US is a lot cheaper than here in Aus the "smalls" here start from 4.00 and not many things are "small" at all ! A usual dim sum lunch for 4 with not many "special" seafood things, just lotus wrap leaves, cheong fun etc. will set you back about $75 AUS

Anyway, we need to coin a name for food that looks good but tastes dissapointing ... I suggest "Decepticon Food" Any other suggestions? hehe any geek fan of Tansformers will know where the name came from.

I really hope your old fave picks up, but otherwise there is always fun in looking for new places to call your own and to introduce other people too. Nothing more exciting than finding a new gem :)


Hi Rachel - How about - "All Show No Go"......LOL!


hehe I like it ! Its as good as "all talk no action" :D


Bummer about Emerald. I haven't been back since they've reopened...and probably awhile before they closed down. Hopefully in time they will improve. It's always been the old standby.


Hi Rachel - It's an old term from my Hot Rod days..... ;o)

Hey Jack - I hope so as well, it was one of our dependable standby's as well.

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