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Thursday, 20 October 2005



Hey Kirk,

So what you're saying is that your XLB was served without SDDS, and that the meat in the XLB was more like NCB?

Meanwhile, your expensive NRM was a little disappointing and you could have had HMN had you gone to 99 Ranch, but that the SCD at DI are quite good?

Ha ha, sorry I couldn't help it, I love all those Chinese acronyms that everyone uses(e.. XLB, NRM)...ask Dylan! They crack me up!

(BTW, now I'm craving jellyfish!)


You ARE a NRM addict! But you have inspired me to go searching for quality NRM. Now that I think about it, Mini Garden back home does a pretty delicious version :)


Hi Pam - WTF! LOL! FWIW the XLB @ DI TRBID (though really borderline in definition)is still PDG (pretty darn good)! :o)

Hi Kathy - There's lot's of good Niu Rou Mein all around in the SGV! And yes, I love my NRM.


Hi Kirk,

I'm going to have to have some niu rou mein and do a post on it sometime. You've inspired me.

The jellyfish is not something that I'm used to seeing prepared in that manner, but then again, I haven't eaten it in a while. In fact, the last time I had jellyfish was as a cold appetizer at China House.

The xiao long bao skins look a bit thick. But judging by your comments, you seemed to like them. I'm going to have to post Shanghai Bistro soon. I have a few places to catch up on. *sigh*

clare eats

mmmm dumplings!
I am SO going to have them on the weekend!!!!


Hi Reid - Come to think of it the wrapper was kind of think, but I enjoyed the "feel", I've had various thicknesses of XLB dough in the 5-6 places I've had XLB all over SoCal - but have never been to Shanghai, so I don't really know what they should be like, maybe I'll meet you there someday? I know in "old school" Cantonese they serve Jellyfish w/cucumber, but I've had many places serve them in almost a cold salad.

Hi Clare - I'm sooo looking forward to the report!


I'm glad the XLB were up to your standards! I've had some disappointing dishes at Dumpling Inn (never EVER order the dan dan noodles), but I always go there when the XLB cravings hit.

Another food recommendation: Nozomi on Convoy. Yesterday I went there for lunch w/ my boss and had the green noodle soup (kalguksu, I think?), and the Korean chirashi (it's like a big salad w/ rice and raw fish mixed in). If it's busy, you'll probably see a lot of people eating both. Very tasty!


Hi Mabel - Thanks for the req - I know Ed from Yuma would be interested in this - he loves Hwe Dup Bop - what you call the Korean Chirashi. Funny, I saw a bunch of people eating Dan Dan Noodles when we were at Dumpling Inn.....just goes to show you, them and the guy smothering mustard and soy all over his dumplings!


I had to confirm with my family, but alas, I've eaten here! And I kind of got the same impressions you had. Not bad, but not great.


Hi Kirk,

I had to re-read this post, and then I realized that Dumpling Inn was mentioned in the latest issue of Gourmet magazine (October 2005). They actually said the spicy dan dan noodles and the honey glazed shrimp are pretty good.

Judging by your comments and those of Mabel, I wonder if I should really trust what's written in this publication.


Hi Elmo - Good ingredients, good dumplings, everything else okay to not so good - some pretty expensive prices.

Hi Reid - Well let me check out the magazine. Alot of people were eating the Dan Dan Noodles. so I guess they are popular......


My girlfriend (who is from San Francisco) agree that Dumpling Inn is one of the best Chinese Food Restaurants in San Diego. Not too fancy, but good basic food. The XLB are the best we've had in San Diego (most don't contain enough soup), and the rest of the dumplings are quite good. In particular I like the potstickers and the boiled pork and chive dumplings in "spicy oil" (the name is a bit deceiving because the sauce isn't very oily at all). Chinkiang vinegar is available, but you have to ask them for it. Apart from their dumplings, we enjoy the lamb dishes (lamb and scallion stir fry or lamb chow mein). The soup at Dumpling Inn is typically pretty light--we occasionally order deluxe tofu soup or wonton soup which is both pretty good. One of the real strong points of the restaurant, however, is the fish. I've tried all of the different fish dishes, and I think the best is the garlic baked sea-bass. The filets are coated in a sort of eggy batter and cooked in a very garlic-y sauce over a bed of baby bok-choy. The salt and pepper fish, which seems to indefinitely be on the specials menu, is also good and worth trying.


Hi Ross - Glad you enjoy Dumpling Inn. I think the XLB filling tastes more like Baozhi filling, then XLB, but that's just my opinion. Personally, I enjoy the XLB at Shanghai City, better. I requested Black Vinegar twice, but they didn't have any. I find that many of the dishes taste very Westernized, but the ingredients used are quite good.


Kirk- I recently visited Dumpling inn and didn't see XLB on the menu. Does it go by another name? Also, did you know that Jamillah Gardens closed? I wonder if the one in Tustin is still open. Any word?


Hi Susan - I think it's on the menu as Small Steamed Pork Buns or something like that. You can ask for Xiao Long Bao, and they'll point it out to you. And yes, we drove by and noticed Jamillah Garden closed last weekend...I'm doing a post tonight. I don't know about the OC location......


Just came back after having some XLB and dumplings. Prices have gone up (as expected): 6.95 for XLB (10), 7.95 for shrimp dumplings (10), and 6.75 for pork dumplings (10).

XLB were good, though I had to ask for spoons. The ginger seemed a little off to me, but was otherwise ok. The dumplings were on the bland side and lacking in filling: the ones I make using store-bought wrappers are slightly to significantly better, so I would say these aren't worth the trip.

Oh, and I checked out the NRM price, I think it's at 8.50 or 8.95 now. (!) I do not understand why it should be nearly 2x pho prices... makes we want to go to Ba Ren to take advantage of their current discounts, which seems like a genius business move assuming they knew you were going to blog about it.


Hi Hao - For me the XLB at Dumpling isn't very good - the wrapper is too thick, the ratio of soup to meat is off, and the filling tastes like Jiaozi filling. I think the best Jiaozi there are the shrimp and chive.

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