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Tuesday, 18 October 2005



::whispers to Rachel:: He...

Way to go Penny! I'd love to hear your results!

Kirk, Reid, I did a search on Kim Chee sauce. There is another brand called "Aunty Soon" but I have no clue regarding details. I tried a 3 cheese, artichoke/walnut dip years ago. Paid about $9 for a TINY tub that had the ingredients listed on the label. I go for the gusto trying to reproduce that stuff every year as Christmas rolls around. I haven't gotten it JUST right yet. I will tell you that the pictures have been in my brain all day long and I told my daughter that along with feeding her husband onions without his knowledge we are going to give these wings a shot.


Hi Jo - Let me know how they come out.


I tried the recipe when I saw it come out in the Star-Bulletin. I thought it was pretty bland tasting and I have never tried the original recipe myself. Been gone from the islands for a looong time. Went to an Asian market in Dallas and they had another brand but it was a kim chee base. Kind of a substitute I guess. But now I've just recently moved to LV and went to an international foods market here, and they do carry the Parks brand kim chee SAUCE (as opposed to base). So I'll try the recipe again and probably use Kirk's adaptation.


Hi Kawena - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Yes, the first time I made this, it was a bit too "bland", partially due to the fact that my tastes have changed over the last decade or so. But additional salt, garlic, more sauce, and an over night marinade, actually made the chicken taste better, and even look more like Chicken Alice. Please let me know how it turns out, ok! Also, what Market in Vegas was it?


I used to go the Chicken Alice in pearl kai near where Jelly's was.. it was SO GOOD. we couldn't believe it closed. someone needs to give chicken alice a whole bunch of money to open some new places


Hi James - Yes, I agree. Alice needs to get back to feeding the masses!

Not Specified

Made this last night. You did a great job modifying the original. Tasted just like before, though I would still add a little bit more salt. Was worried that I might undercook them, so I tested them by cutting into them. Sure enough, when the pieces floated to the top, it was done!

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