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Monday, 10 October 2005



::looks slightly green around the gills:: ewwww... How the heck did he get em to look right? Howie? You had some interesting friends!


Hi Jo - And I think he used a "regurg-i-bake" oven! :ob


Hahah!!! I LOVE hot dogs! Especially the ones at Costco!!!

Yeah, chubby girl with skinny ass boy = fugly biatches...oh...can I say that I love the movie "Mean Girls"?! muhahah!


Hi Kristy - LOL! It's strange, but for many Costco Hot Dogs have become sort of a standard for comparing other Hot Dogs.....



I have eaten a nice juicy fat hot dog in your honor and gave Classless the evil hotdog eating eye. ;> The hot dog gotta have the snap to be called and excellent hot dog. *sigh* :)


funny! now i know what a chicago dog is!


Hi Mills - Congradulations! LOL! he-he-he....

Hi Annie - Here's something slightly amusing. The first "Chicago Dog" I ever had was from Orange Julius in Kahala Mall!


Hehe... I'll whip up some Ritz Cracker Surprises this week and camp out at the Renaissance shopping center to give out free samples :)

Jo, luckily I never encountered the Ritz Cracker Surprise firsthand. He told me that he just chewed them up really well and then rolled them up. Probably similar to making meatballs. I should post the recipe to Recipezaar.


Arrgh Howie - Too many details!


Hmmm, I should have given this place a go during my UCSD days. Then again near my house was Lefty's so it was a bit of a wash. Lovely photos of that dog though Kirk! Nothing like getting a Chicago dog all over your plate.

As for the gal snarking you there she musta' been a Muir student. :P

(No offense to any Muir Students who frequents this board. We all know the real troublemakers are the Warren crowd. Aka. my old place ;) )


Hi James - What good is a Dog without the mess! LOL! The dogs here are kinda pricey, but good. And I'll stay away from the rest of the "stuff"! Happy Holidays to you, BTW!


Hi, ran into this old post. If you want a good dog in San Diego, may I reccomend Sausage King on Washington, they make them for real and are tasty with just mustard and some of thier house made kraut. You have to take it home and cook it but its good.


Hi Chris - I shop at Sausage King occasionally, and Ed from Yuma does whenever in town. Never did by the hot dogs though.

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