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Monday, 17 October 2005




Wow, that mass of butter is impressively large. Never would have guessed what it was.

LOL about the avocado sandwich with chicken. Funny how Americans insist on cooking or buying skinless, boneless, white meat chicken, but then we smother it in bacon, avocado, aioli, etc. Or deep fry it into nuggets or "fingers."

Glad to see another salad on your blog. :-)


Hehe that butter looked like a leg of ham from glancing at the photos. Sorry the chicken was dry but yaay you got the caesar. Mmm its nice to have a good taste of anchovy in it. I have had some caesar dressing that tasted more like plain mayonaise.

I guess you need to ch-ch-chain the fools who got drunk there at night :D


Hi Angie - That butter is a bit scary.... I'm wondering how many people actually order the Chicken Sandwich thinking ti the "Healthy choice" on the menu?

Hi Rachel - I know another actual real life salad!

Green Turtle

What a disappointing looking buffet at $9 as well as the $7.50 chicken sandwich and fries. Way overpriced. Looks like I'll be avoiding this place. For a salad buffet, just go to the Souplantation with the $6.39 coupon or for more meat, Super Sunrise Buffet or Great Moon Buffet, still cheaper than the $9 at this place.


Hi Green Turtle - I thought the buffet was good at $7.99, but now nah! We like Souplantation, but will usually go for an early dinner, before all the crowds of rude old people, and families with kids running around...I also enjoy Thai Cafe's Buffet lunch as well as even the small $5.99 Buffet at Shanghai City.


OH! yes you do kirk ! I should have jumped at your going green ;) but a good caesar has too much bacon and anchovy and cheese to be a real salad :P Well good for you for having avocodo on your sandwich too!! *beam brightly*


Rachel - Always looking out for my personal welfare!


Yummy, I would have been in avocado heaven with that sandwich!!!


Hi Annie - It would probably have been a better sandwich without the chicken in it. Just a bacon/avocado sandwich!

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