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Saturday, 01 October 2005



Hi Annie - No problemo - if you make them, I'd like to know how they turn out!


I usually go to the Festival but was unable to due to our recent move.
What you needed to do is bring a shaker of furikake to put on the popcorn for a change of pace.
Nothing like fresh dumplings. Your dumplings look great.


Hey Jack - For some reason I've lost my taste for Movie Popcorn, but furikake sounds great - better than Popcorn and Ice you remember what that was from? You'll really "date" yourself if you do? BTW, those are the Missus's dumplings...I'd better be pretty clear about that!


upon closer reading, i finally realized that i'm too chicken to try to make the dumpling material on my own.

but i grew up with wontons and not dumplings, so i might just call home and try to get the recipe for wonton and make them with ready made wrappers. you're right, wontons are so useful to have in the freezer for a quick meal of noodles!!


Hi Annie - They also sell premade dumpling wrappers, and if you fry them up (i.e. potstickers) I think they'll be fine, I'm kind of picky(but not as much as my Wife) because I've had homemade one's. There are just so many variations of Jiaozhi around, that it's alot of fun sometimes!


Oh, good point!! Well, we've been living on frozen dumplings from the Ranch 99 market, so I think the premade dumpling wrappers should be fine!


Hi Annie - I think you'll like the one's you make more!!!

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