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Sunday, 30 October 2005



oh man! I'd like to try that beef noodles... and that 'tendony' piece looks yummy (like i need? to stuff my body w/ more fat this winter *lol* )
hi kirk!


Hey kirk,
I like how you throw in bits of history together with the food. LOL I guess thats really food for thought hehe.
That was an interesting post. I guess it shows that one bad dish does not speak poorly of the restaurant in general. It also shows that it pays to do some research and see what "signature" dishes a restaurant might have.



Interesting bit of history. I think it always helps, the more you know about a cuisine. I would love to see the movie about Chinese restaurants. I'm fascinated by how cuisines adapt to local flavors. (I'll be posting soon about my visit to a Chinese restaurant in Italy.)


Hi Thess - I really enjoyed the beef - tender and tasty. A nice layer of "insulation" might not be a bad thing for the winter! :o)

Hi Rachel - Yes, you're right. I'd have never gone back if I hadn't read that signage on the window.

Hi Angie - The evolution/adaptation of Chinese Cuisine fascinates me, probably since I realized that even Chinese Food in Hawaii is different from anywhere else. I look forward to your Ita-nese post!


It is amazing how food changes as it depends on it surroundings. Thanks Kirk for posting this interesting Chinoy food. :D


Thats pretty cool how your research really paid off and made a mediocre dining spot into one you would visit again, knowing now what to order. Good investigating


Wow. Saucy chow mein! ;P And yes, I agree w/MEalcentric...good history lesson. I love finding the "secret life of..."


kirk, nice research dude. the siopao and siomai part is cool! it's always interesting to learn that other cultures have similar forms of food. i.e. ja jiang mian (chinese) = jja jaang myeon (korean).


Hi Mills - Yes, it is interesting, huh? Kind of a fun thing for me.

Hi MEalcentric - The documentary really got my attention, and it ended up being kind of fun.

Hi Kristy - Thanks, I guess there a story behind all of these Chinese Adaptations.

Hi Dylan - I'm still trying to find out what the Sino-Chinese connection is, other than geographic location.


Just like everyone, I never knew about the story of how siopao and other Chinese dishes made it to Philippines. Way to do research!

Now I wonder about peanut sauce. Who first made it? And although it's used as satay sauce and in gado-gado in Indonesian food, how did it end up in Kare-Kare in Pinoy cuisine!?


Hi Elmo - The article was interesting. Peanut sauce - I think we need an oncall Food Anthropologist, know of any?


I really wanted to see that movie, but didn't get to the festival this year.

Great ariticle find. I knew a little about the history but didn't know the specifics.

Is Lourdes restaurant in National City still around? Many (many!)years ago we use to have late night mami and a few beers.


Hey Jack - I heard Lourdes is still around, get's kinda scary there at 2 in the morning doesn't it?


Hi Kirk,

What an interesting story. Don't you just love eating at places like this?


Hi Reid - It's always nice to know the story behind what you're eating.


hey guys ! I'm new in town , what is the best dine in restaurant besides ma mon luk


I mean , what is the best filipino restaurant dine in national city ? :)


Hi Angela - Welcome and thanks for commenting.

For sit down restaurants, the Missus like Villa Manila the best:

But it's kind of pricey.

We also enjoy meals right across the street at Zarlitos:

The prices are quite good.

For Turo Turo joints my favorite is Tita's:

Though I like the Lechon Kawale at Point-Point, and the Missus enjoys the Sinigang there as well:

Conching has some pretty good food, though sometimes it's a bit too greasy for me - they have pretty good Sisig, when they have it:

Conching's Cafe
3400 E 8th St Ste 110
National City, CA 91950

They also have a buffet upstairs.

Goldilocks has also opened next to Seafood City:

1420 E. Plaza Boulevard
National City, California 91950

I haven't had a chance to visit yet, and have heard mixed comments about it.

A few people I know like Maharlika, but I've found the food there to be too oily, even for me the one time I visited:

Maharlika Cafe & Grill
1819 E Plaza Blvd
National City, CA 91950

I hope this helps.


Hey Kirk , that was nice of you ,thanx .I will be checkin out the Conchings cafe later on today .


Hi Angela - No problemo...I hope you find something that pleases you! Good luck.

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